Tuesday , September 29 2020

Mega-Seine accumulates and will pay 10.5 mil. US dollars at the next match


No one hit the six-tenth match 2207 from Mega-sena, held on Saturday night (9), at Sao Paulo. The reward, that would be 6.5 million USD, accumulated after a $ 61.4m investment in Sao Paulo's equity capital, on Wednesday (6). Now millions of people are competing for $ 10.5 million. The next match will take place on Wednesday, the 13th.

At tens drawn were:

06 – 10 – 11 – 43 – 53 – 55

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According to Federal Savings Bank, 39 bets hit the corner and will last R $ 49,905.76 each one. The court had 2,736 winning bets to win R $ 1,016.25 each one. The whole collection is over $ 33 million.

Who wants to get $ 10.5 million in the next match can place bets until 19:00 (Brazil) on the day of the draw in every lottery in the country. Minimum bet of 6 numbers costs $ 4.50. The more numbers you dial, the higher the cost of betting more chances to charge it the most beloved award in Brazil.

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