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Marcos Oliveira, Beacola, Seeks Financial Aid: "I Need to Work"

Do you remember actor Marcos Oliveira? Well, the name may be a little difficult, but if we talk about her most remarkable character, the Big Family Beacola, everyone will remember.

However, despite all the success in the past, the situation is not easy for the actor. In an interview with columnist Fabia Oliveira, he said he needed work to pay the bills and would move from his apartment in Botafogo to a cheaper one.

"I want to go somewhere where the rent is cheaper. I have to pay a $ 250 utility bill next week or they will cut off the supply, "he said.

He also said the money he receives from returning is not much. "When they deposit, it's a maximum of $ 600. I don't want to beg. I want to work at any station. I spent 14 years in the air with "Big Family" but spent a lot of money on my fistula. Not all health insurance is covered. "

At the moment, he may be regarded as the funny Beikola of Globbo and the Channel Viva. In addition, he is also in the Multishow Host, and as a Monologue Evolution, but the money for the play does not have to come to his account by the end of October, when the season is over.

On social networks, a friend of Marcos recorded a video asking fans to deposit money into his account. Look at it!

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