Wednesday , June 16 2021

Marcelo Pilot extradited from Paraguay and back to Brazil – National

Brazilian drug dealer Marcelo Fernando Pinheiro Veiga,
Brazilian drug dealer Marcelo Fernando Pinheiro Veiga delivered a press conference on November 6 at a police special unit in Paraguay in Assuno (photo: AFP / NORBERTO DUARTE)

Brazilian Marcelo Pinheiro Veiga, Marcelo Piloto, accused of international movement, false ideology and homicide, was extradited Monday from Paraguay to Brazil.

This morning, the president of Paraguay, Marito Abdo, commented on the decision on Twitter. In the message, Abdo says: "our country is not a country of impunity for everyone".

According to the press of Paraguay, he left the country on the Aerottico group plane in Paraguayan 5:05. The merchant confessed, Marcelo Piloto, escaped from Brazil after being sentenced to 26 years in prison. Ecuadorian of the Brazilian was surrounded by secrecy and security with the participation of three special police patrol boats (FOPE), according to the Paraguayan press.

On Saturday (17), Marcelo Piloto stabbed 17 times in a cell to which an 18-year-old girl had arrived. The authorities in Paraguay believe that he committed a crime in an attempt to avoid extraditing to Brazil. The pilot was arrested in the city of Encarnacin in Paraguay in 2017, after discovering that he uses false documents.

Murdered lawyer

Argentine lawyer Laura Marcela Casuso, 54, a lawyer at Pilot, was shot last night (12/11) at Pedro Juan Caballero, on the border with Paraguay and Brazil. She recorded farewells that were charged to important Paraguay police authorities. According to the newspaper ABC Color, studios sent to a journalist in April will extinguish the corruption of the high national police coupon of Paraguay and the relationship with organized crime.

One of them, Abel Caete, was already accused of corruption in an interview given in prison by the Brazilian drug dealer Marcelo Fernando Pinheiro Veiga, "Marcelo Piloto" (information from Agncia Brasil)

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