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Marash air crash victims receive general dressing anesthesia – Jornal CORREIO


The nine injured in a plane crash in Maraj, southern Bahia, are still in serious condition. Eight of the survivors are in the burn department of the State General Hospital (CCE), and one is taken to a suburban hospital.

On board were Eduardo Trajano Elias, Marcella Branco Elias and Eduardo Branco (6 years and son of the couple), former Starkar pilot Toca Rocha, and Mejasa Moussi, Eduardo Moussie's wife, also an aircraft occupant and brother. federally licensed Gilermei Musi (PP-SP), Marcelo Constantino Alves, Marie Cavellan, Fernando Oliveira and Ayres Napolejo Guerra, the pilot who crashed Thursday (14)

Here Rocha is admitted to the CCE (Photo: Gabriel Pedreski / Grand Prix)

All the injured are in serious condition. According to TV Bahia information, most of them are sedative and some even need general anesthesia so medical staff can do the cleaning and dressing process.

One of the most worrying cases is Maysa Musi, 27, who could not be transferred to CCG because of her delicate health condition. Doctors in a suburban hospital will only be able to make the transfer when it is improved and clinically able to go through the entire risk-free transportation process.

Maysa Musi and Eduardo Musi are among the survivors (Photo: Instagram / Reproduction)

The pre-fixed PT-LTJ Cesna Citation 550 double engine crashed near Kiroao Eco-luxury resort on Barra Grande beach, Marash district in southern Bahia, owned by 74-year-old Brazilian billionaire Jose Joao Abda. The plane was carrying 10 people, including public relations journalist Marcela Branco Elias, 37, who could not resist and was shot down at the scene.

Marcela's body was taken to the Ilhay Technical Police Department (DTT), where they are awaiting confession. As the body has become extremely deteriorated, the identification process must take place by dental comparison of the stomach. A legal dentist is on site waiting for some necessary family documents, such as dentist records, photographs showing the victim's smile, or medical reports.

Marcela was a well-known person in Sоo Paulo's high society. According to Veja, she was married to Eduardo Elias, son of Jorge Elias, one of the largest ornaments in Brazil and Lucille. Marcela, who was a journalist for many years, served as public relations. Leaves 6-year-old son, who is also hospitalized.

Marcela Elias, who died in the accident and her husband Jorge, survivor (Photo: Instagram / Playback)

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Investigators at the Brazilian Air Force (FAB) Second Regional Air Accident Investigation and Prevention Service (SERIPA II) are conducting an air accident data collection in Marash this Friday (15).

Officers, who are part of the Center for Accident Investigation and Prevention (FENIPA), are taking initial action on the accident. "Initial action is the beginning of the investigative process and aims to collect data: take pictures, remove parts of the aircraft for analysis, collect documents and hear reports from people who may have triggered the sequence of events," FAB said in a statement to MAIL.

Known as ucauca Abdalla, the businessman owns the Rio de Janeiro Classic Bank and is considered by Forbes to be the 9th richest person in Brazil and the 769th in the world. His fortune is estimated at $ 3.1 billion. Ucauka Abdalla was in New York at the time of the crash.

The FENIPA investigation, according to the note, "aims to prevent new accidents with the same characteristics" and the conclusion, according to the statement, "will be as short as possible, depending on the complexity of the accident always".

Air Accident Victims:

  • Aires Napoleon, the pilot of the plane
  • Christiano Chiararia Alcaba Rocha (Here Rocha)
  • Eduardo Musi
  • Maysa Mousse
  • Eduardo Trajano tells Elias
  • Fernando Oliveira Silva
  • Marcelo Constantino
  • Marie Cavellan
  • 6 year old boy
  • Marcela Elias (fatal victim)

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