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Luxury plane crashed in Marau belongs to country's most discreet billionaire – JORNAL KOREIO

Double engine Cesna Citation 550 from the prefix PT-LTJ crashed Thursday (14) near the Chiaroa Eco-Luxury Airport at Barra Grande Beach, Marash County in southern Bahia. owned by Brazilian billionaire Jose Joao Abdalla Filo, 74.

The plane left one woman dead and nine others injured. Until 3pm there were no reports of deaths, but around 4:30 pm, the town hall confirmed that one woman had died and nine others were injured, including one child.

A banker and politician, he is currently the ninth richest man in Brazil (769 in the world), according to business magazine. Better known as ucauka Abdalla, he owns Classic Bank and has an estimated wealth of $ 3.1 billion,

In an interview with the R7 portal at about 3.30pm on Thursday, Abdala confirmed that he was the owner of the plane. He, however, is in New York and does not know who was on the plane. According to ANAK (National Civil Aviation Agency) data, the aircraft had a certificate of good airworthiness.

According to information from the city council's communications office, the accident happened shortly after 2pm and injured people. By 15:00 there were no reports of dead.

(Photos by Dado Face / Kamamu Noticia)

Also, according to the city of Marac, some of the victims were seriously injured. They are at Barra Grande health clinic waiting for a helicopter. The city also announced that all people on board the aircraft – a twin-engine Cesna F550, prefixed with PT-LTF – had been able to get out before the fire took over the plane.

A luxurious jet before autumn
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Contacting MAIL, businessman Thiago Resende, 40, who witnessed the crash, said he heard a loud crash before the plane crashed. Then he saw only fire and black smoke. "I heard pop and noise about something dragging on. Then, when I turned around, just a lot of dark smoke and a lot of fire," he said, plotting near the crash.

Resende was about 200 meters from the plane. "I tried to get closer to help if I had someone, but the fire was too big and there was a fence to prevent me from crossing. I couldn't get close. I saw the hotel staff backing up and saw somebody being injured but I couldn't let's say if she was on the plane. She was standing, "he said… Ames said he even heard other small explosions as he approached the plane.

There is still no information on how many people were on the plane and what caused the plane to crash.

According to the National Civil Aviation Agency (Anac), the Jetna C550 dual-engine aircraft, prefixed by the PT-LTC, is owned by businessman José Focio Abdalla Filo, better known as Oucauka Abdalla, the owner of Classic Bank. It is not known if he was on the plane, which was produced in 1981.

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