Saturday , September 19 2020

Luxembourg disagrees with Jorge Jesus' criticism of Brazilian technicians: "He should not generalize" | Basque


Following the draw with Goiás, in Sao Giancio, on Monday, for the 33rd round of the Brazilian championship, Vasko's coach Wanderlei Luxemburg talked about recent statements by Jorge Jesus, coach of the Flamenco dacitario de Critico de Critico .

– I followed his statement. The first meeting I had with Jesus was at a restaurant in Barra. Then we had a meeting of all the technicians invited by Jununigno in Maracani. He was present, sitting with us, talking, giving his opinion. What I found, looking at the statement, is that it generalized. He set all the technicians as if they had rejected him. If there is anyone, let them talk about that person. When he put it, not all is correct.

– No one here rejects it. There is a foreign coach doing a good job here and part of the press is fighting us. It has nothing to do with Jesus or Sampaoli. They are good professionals who are here and very well received. I'm always in the restaurant that Jesus is also. I don't think he should generalize. If not, everyone seems to be against it. And this is untrue.

Luxembourg Vasco Gouache - Photo: Andre DurioLuxembourg Vasco Gouache - Photo: Andre Durio

Luxembourg Vasco Gouache – Photo: Andre Durio

Vasko's commander also recalled his experience in Spain when he trained Real Madrid's galaxies in 2005.

– For example, I went to Spain. There was a Spanish coach who challenged me and I argued with him. I don't think it should have been generalized. He is very well received by Brazilians, his fans. He put all the Brazilian coaches in the bag. I see how we compete. He has a great team. Let's compete. This is a field rivalry. Now, if there is anything personal about coaching, he might not be talking about all Brazilian coaches. He's very well received, like Sampaoli. "

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