Saturday , September 26 2020

Louisa magazine employs: 4,687 job openings in Brazil


A. Louisa Magazine S / A was founded in 1957 in the city of Franca, Sao Paulo's interior, by Louisa Trajano Donato and Pellino Jose Donato. It is a retailer of electronics and furniture with more than 950 stores, is present in 16 countries and its business model today is characterized as a digital platform with physical points.

"His e-commerce operation has won the B2C Excellence Award 12 times in Diamond Quality in e-commerce. Since January 2016, its president is Frederico Trajano, 41, son of Louisa Jelena Trajano, granddaughter of the company's founder, Louisa Trajano Donato. Its management was responsible for the company's digital transformation. "

"In 2017, the company had the best result so far, with a net income of $ 389 million, a 300% increase over the previous year. This year, its sales reached $ 14.4 billion. In December 2018, Louisa Magazine received the Caboré Award, considered the biggest award in Brazilian advertising, in the Advertiser category.

The company has created jobs for several cities in Brazil. Check it out!

Available positions

Most (but not all) options are for:
  • Administrative assistant;
  • Business Analyst;
  • Sales Assistant;
  • Lecturer;
  • Breeder;
  • Forklift operator;
  • Seller;
  • Chirac Administrative Assistant;

The selection process takes place in three steps:

  • Filling in the profile with personal data;
  • Conducting tests;
  • Additional questions

The salary paid by Louisa Magazine can range between $ 708.00 for Young Chirac and $ 6,990.00 for Manager.


Those interested can find out more details about the desired position and apply through the following link:

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