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Loan from Santander and Brodsko without consultation with SPC / Serasa

Today, people resort to credit options through loansthey certainly face too much bureaucracy and in some cases shameful situations.

The two largest financial institutions, banks Santander and Breddepart from this rule and offer credit services without consulting SPC and Serasa. In this way, the villains also have the opportunity to restore the relationship of financial life and to reorganize their debts.

However, the options available are aimed exclusively at public servants and Pensioners and pensioners of INSSunder payroll loans.

Loan without consultation with SPC / Serasa Bredsko and Santander

At payroll loan It is considered one of the cheapest and most favorable credit lines on the market. Civil servants, retirees and pensioners at INSS have quick and less bureaucratic access to this modality. In many cases, the requested amount is deposited on the same day.

In this type of agreement, the beneficiary has money on the part that is directly deducted from the salary or benefit account, with a discount on the due date. However, you need to be aware of the collection and the amounts charged so that the debts, rather than settling, eventually multiply.

Check out how the Santander and Bredsko Bank Payroll function works:

Santander Ole Maid: In the Santander Payroll Loan, the client can apply for the money directly through the Internet. Civil servants and pensioners and pensioners of INSS need access to company website or download the company app on your mobile phone, or on Android or iOS.

However, personal data such as CPC, WG, mobile number, benefits data (for pensioners or retirees) should be entered, among others. Check out the full documentation required for Ole Santander's request:

  • Image ID (RG or CNH);
  • Payment (civil servants);
  • Address proof (up to 3 months issuance);
  • Front face photo (selfie).

The applicant must photograph the personal documents and attach the employment form to prove and verify the information.

Brodsko's Taxes: Slightly different from Santander, Bredsko's loan model also offers services to employees of private companies. In this case, the employer must provide access to the post with the bank.

Negative employees may also participate as there is no consultation with the SOC / Serasa.

The account holders of the institution can arrange the option for various self-service channels of the company, such as Internet banking, ATMs (including Banco24horas), Fone Fácil, Bradesco Celular or in physical branches. If you are not an account holder, the only way to apply for a loan is to go to a Brescia agency.

The documentation required for employment includes:

  • Front and back photo of personal documents such as ID card or CNC;
  • Proof of residence, valid for less than 3 months;
  • Extract benefit of INSS or tap.

Copies and scans must be legible and in good resolution, otherwise the request may be stopped until the documents, as required, are resolved.

Stay up to date!

Unforeseen happened. Borrowing is common and natural. However, when employing the service, you need to be aware of interest rates that will be diluted in installments, as many institutions charge above market value.

Therefore, it is important to know more about the chosen institution and analyze whether the offer is favorable or not. Conducting price surveys in relation to other banks and knowing other people's opinions can greatly help in making a decision.

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