Wednesday , September 23 2020

Let's see what will be the triumphant return of Maria to Paz at the cake factory


After the blessed green folder appears and Maria da Paz (Juliana Pace) recovers the document proving the ownership of the company, the scout goes after Fabiana (Natalia Dale) along with Amadeu (Marcos Palmeira), who gives the news to the villain, the chapter to be shown Saturday (16).

"This document annuls the transfer of the factory on behalf of Fossian (Agatha Moreira). And, by extension, your purchase was canceled. You will also have to leave here, Fabiana. You must have the factory back in Maria da Paz" .

“What do you mean, return the factory? Maria da Paz has always rejoiced in this matter. But are you, Amadeu, a lawyer, a serious man, who will take care of Maria's madness at Paz? "Asks the villain.

"Fabiana, I would be crazy if I came here without any documents. See this document. He admits that the company 's transition to Fossian' s name has been simulated, "the lawyer explained.

The former beginner tries to argue, but as she reads the documentation, she cares and changes her strategy.

"I don't know much about the law, the laws … But from what you speak, it makes sense. Although we can make a deal, isn't it Mary Maria Paz? We are connected. I'm your granddaughter. blood is important from any document, it won't take me to the factory, i know i always wanted to meet your grandchildren, one is vivi (paula oliveira), the other is i am with open arms, come on, give me a hug solve everything in family. "

But Maria da Paz is not moved.

"Fabiana, she was avoiding me at the factory. I didn't want to know. She was humiliating me. Now, when I found the document, which I would download at the factory, do you remember that we have blood ties? Sorry, but you are very interested."

Amadeu proposes a deal.

“I know the factory is in good shape. You have all the working capital. It takes money that the plant has in cash, ”said the lawyer, who would give the villain a few days to think and threatened to ban her if she did. do not accept the proposal. "

With no way out, Fabiana signs the documents passed by the factory to Maria da Paz. The goalkeeper returns triumphantly.

"Friends. I'm back! I'm back to peace cookies!"

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