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Lava-etet is targeted by the former Paraguayan president and money changers

RIO – Operation of Federal Prosecutor's Office (MOC) and Federal Police (PF) kicks off Tuesday, targeting
former president
Cardio cards
, which was in charge of the neighboring country from August 2013 to August last year. Wheelchairs are connected to
Dario Messer
, known as Deleiro Doseliros, was arrested in Sоo Paulo in July this year after 14 months on the run.

In addition to the former president of Paraguay, warrants have been issued against 18 others and 18 searches and seizures. The operation is an exchange of operations operation, relocating and taking place in Rio, Sоo Paulo, Buzios and Ponta Pora (MS), on the border with Paraguay:

It arrested Darius Messer, known as a "money changer". Tuesday's action, which still deals with arms trafficking and illegal cigarette trafficking schemes, was triggered by Messer's arrest.

Cartes and Messer business activities have been followed by various US agencies for two decades from Asuncion and the Eastern city, on the border with Brazil, Paraguay and Argentina. The partnership with the former Paraguayan president has been confirmed by former Brazilian Messerian partner Lucio Bologna Junaro, responsible for money laundering from a political group led by former Mayor Eduardo Cuna (MDB-Rio).

Messier would be a hidden member of Cartes in Banco Amambay, now Basa Bank, as reported by the Paraguayan Congress Bicameral Inquiry Committee in a report last April. Based in Asuncion, the bank owns 3% of the total declared bank deposits in Paraguay and was born out of an ambitious money exchange founded by Cartes' father Ramon, who in 1989 gave him some control over Messer.

Then in the 90's Messer got into the dollar business thanks to his father. At the time, Cartes was a fugitive from the courts for currency evasion and was welcomed in Rio by Mordeco Messer, the father of the money changer. Since then, the long-term foreign exchange partnership has been sealed. In addition to working in the foreign exchange market, the former president became a tobacco millionaire and even led a football team. He entered politics in 2008 for the Colorado party, and five years later reached the Presidency of the Republic in Paraguay.

Kates once said that Messer, who holds Paraguayan citizenship, is his "brother of the soul". During the reign of Paraguay, the money business prospered. A survey of property by the Paraguayan government shows that Messer built approximately $ 100 million in capital.

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