Sunday , April 11 2021

Kwina's Score: see here the numbers compiled this Thursday (04/23)

In fact, Quina's score was informed on Thursday, April 25, the draw for the day was rewarding the $ 3 million reais, which should be given to the players who have all 5 successes on the draw done. The exercise took place in Los Angeles Caixa Space, which is located in Sao Paulo and a clear lottery was carried out at 20:00 hours through the administration of the bank itself.

Check out the result of China's ready-made tens of this Tuesday (23/04)

The result 01 – 13 – 36 – 41 – 71

For a draw for Qwina

Kwina's Score: see here the numbers compiled this Thursday (04/23)

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The result of Quina brought more victorious bettors, or not, in fact this is an extremely competitive lottery, and all this because it is the most rewarding of its bettors after all their raffles happen from Monday to Saturday.

In order to play first in China, players need to follow some rules, ie to prove that they are 18 years old or more, this is the original rule. The second rule is to buy flyers to stay inside and be able to bet on this lottery.

Quina flyers without exception are made up of 80 numbers, so hostages at the time of purchase can choose from 5 to 15 pledge numbers to get out correctly. The higher the number of purchased numbers, the prices tend to grow, however, at the moment the most collateral pledge in this lottery is 5 numbers that cost R $ 1.50.

As far as China's leasing spots are concerned, officers are bank branches and even directly in the lottery, when buying these places, the player can protect himself from taking out losses due to flyers forgeries. In addition, Caixa provides a platform for online betting, to participate, just go to the institution's internet portal.

The drawings are always open at 20:00, and the dresses are accepted until 19:00!

Results from the conference

The result of Quina can be checked here on this page, in the days of the tombs, after the drawings, from 20 hours onwards!

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