Wednesday , February 26 2020
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"It's a snake charmer"

Candidate defeated as PDT president in 2018, Giro Gomez has sharply criticized former President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva (PT), who was released from prison last Friday (8). "Lula is a snake charmer. His assumption is that people are ignorant and that he can navigate this using fetishes, intrigues and the absolute lack of scruples that characterize him. The evil Lula does to Brazil is very serious and extensive." , he said on Monday (11).

Giro Gomez said both Lula and Balsonaro want polarization. "These are two chairs with the same coin," he said. Asked about the possibility of forming a broad left front to confront Balsonaro in 2020 and 2022, the former minister categorically ruled out being on the PT side, despite being supported by Lula in 1989 in the 1989 runoff. . 2002 and 2006, when he was Minister of National Integration. "Lulopetism has become a ball of lead that binds Brazil to the past. He (Lula) pretends to be a candidate and is cleared, "Giro said. He then said he would never go "with the gang that is hegemonyizing the PT".

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