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Is there any way to pass Nubank with a score below 300 points?

As you all know, Nubank has recently changed the form of approval to red, as you can see here in this news which we announced earlier. The waiting list is no longer available. However, approval has become automatically only for NuConta, which is a Fintech digital account. Approving credit cards requires more careful analysis. It even depends on the credit analysis of the interested party. But then, is there any way to pass Nubank with a low score, with less than 300 points? To have it, check our advice.

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Is there any way to pass Nubank with a score below 300 points?

The best way for someone with a low credit rating to get approval for Nubank is with an invitation from a very good Nabank customer.

This is taken into account at the time of the credit card release analysis. If you choose your invitation very well, to be someone with a good result and who is a good customer of Nubank, the chances of being approved are higher.

Finally, if you do not currently have access, and you really need this invitation, follow here indication.

However, we still can not guarantee that you will be approved by your credit card. Approval, as everyone knows, depends on the Fintech algorithms. In addition, they are updated periodically, and consider, among other variables, their credit rating and their relationship with fintech.

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