Sunday , April 11 2021

Is Neymar's injury a solution? – Blog of Juka Kfuri

Neymar left the pitch before the 20th minute of a friendly match against Qatar.

With obvious serious injury in the same right leg that he already took with months of football.

But, in fact, the ankle joint.

He was applauded by a fan in Mane Garrincha and his exit could be joined to useful for a pleasant one.

Let's take it out of the spotlight of the scandal in which he entered and do the will of those who want to see the Brazilian national team without his main player.

To what extent the psychological state of the attacker contributed to the injury is a response that Freud can only give, although the wrist of the wrists was clear.

Minutes before the start of the match, Jornal do SBT presented an interview with Traila Trinadade Mendes de Sosa, a model that Neymar was in Paris and condemned him.

She assured reporter Roberto Cabrini that she had been raped when she told him that there would be no sex without a condom.

The video about her beating and the justification that he was attacked because of being beaten the previous day is already flowing through the networks (here).

Globo's audience chose Neymar as the star of the game …

New Sidon?

Grimisa Everton replaced Neymar.

As a training, the game was available, because soon after he was faced with Richardson, in 15 minutes he threw Daniel Alves to open the score ten minutes later, Gabriel Jesus expanded to 2-0.

Asian champions seemed more lost than the accident itself.

And at 38, the blower still scored a non-existent penalty that the VAR tried to overturn.

Most goals did not appear in the first half.

In the second, less intense time, exchanges started.

Before 34,000 fans (where they fit 72,000), at 18, Richard went off and David Neris entered.

Fernandino replaced Arthur and Lucas Pakeka came to Philip Coutinho and so on.

A pile, anyway.

As a rule, the trainings.

In addition, Éderson made a penalty, scored VAR and Qatar wasted on a dash.

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