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Is it worth borrowing from fintech Rebel? Check it out


Then, with this new technological age, new companies also came up with new ideas, such as Phoenix. These companies are nothing more than a blend of old finance with the modern technological advancement mentioned above. Bringing innovation, optimization and improvement of financial services, they have gained more and more fans worldwide.

Within this world of national fitness comes Revel, who is a correspondent for Leka Credit, Finance and Investment SA, with a promise to bid loans customers through state-of-the-art encryption technology that can respond within 2 hours.

Is it worth borrowing from fintech Rebel? Check it out
Is it worth borrowing from fintech Rebel? Check it out

Who is a rebel and how does it work?

The rebel is a bank correspondent, not a financial correspondent specializing in loan. This means that it does not lend directly, but rather mediates in negotiations between the client and the bank.

The loans offered by Rebel are for individuals only. At the loan is non-repayable and requires no guarantee. To do this, some requirements must be met to apply the money.

The interest rate offered by fintech ranges from 2.2% to 8.9% monthly, and the payment term ranges from 4 to 24 months.

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How to get a loan?

So get yours loan In rebels, you must first have a proven gross minimum income of $ 3,000.

In addition, your account may not be a salary or savings account and must be in Banco do Brasil, Bradesco, Caixa, Itaú or Santander for a minimum of 90 days.

All requests for loan It's done digitally, and the company itself provides a simulator on its website, giving you an idea of ​​the details, such as terms of payment and interest, for example.

After registering, the company will analyze your entire profile and offer terms that best suit your reality.

The company has no fixed point to serve its customers, something normal for fintechs. So if you want to have face-to-face service, it will not be possible for the Rebel.

Thus, the whole process of negotiation, questions or complaints is done by email, chat or phone.

Rebel reputation

Take a look at the Complaints Website here, you can see the degree of customer satisfaction for the company. It is rated at 7.5, which is a good rating from the site itself.

In addition, the company has 112 site complaints, 100% of which are answered. However, even with a high problem-solving rate (83.7% of complaints were resolved), less than half of those who complained said they would do business again or loan with her

The highest rate of complaints against the company is mis-advertising and poor service. This second factor is one of the chronic evils of companies in Brazil as a whole.

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