Monday , October 25 2021

Industrial production is increasing in eight out of 15 facilities surveyed by IBGE


Despite a 1.8% domestic decline, industrial production increased from August to September in eight of the seven sites surveyed by the Brazilian Institute of Geography and Statistics (IBGE). The main increases were recorded in the state of Ceará (3.7%) and Pará (3.5%).

The states of Pernambuco (1.7%), Goiás (1.4%), Rio Grande do Sul (1.3%), Rio de Janeiro (1.0%), Espírito Santo) and Mato Grosso (0.9%) .

On the other hand, seven places led to a decline in domestic production, in particular the states of Amazonas (-5.2%) and São Paulo (-3.9%). Other failing countries are Bahia (-3.3%), Paraná (-3.1%), Minas Gerais (-1.9%) and Santa Catarina (-1.8%). The Northeast region, whose production was also calculated by IBGE, decreased by 1.9%.

Other comparisons

Compared with September 2017, seven plants were dismissed, seven were falling and one was stable (Paraná). The largest increase in production was observed in Pernambuco (15.9%), Pará (14.1%) and Rio Grande do Sul (12.4%). The main drop was the Amazon (-14.8%).

In the accumulated index of the year, there was an increase in 12 out of the 15 examined places, with emphasis on the states of Pará (9.8%), Amazonas (7.8%) and Pernambuco (7.1%). Three places in the ranking are Goiás (-3.6%), Espírito Santo (-2.7%) and Minas Gerais (-1.6%).

Finally, in the cumulative 12-month period, 11 out of 15 examined facilities recorded positive indicators, in particular Pará (10.2%) and Amazonas (8.1%). Three fell: Espírito Santo (-2.5%), Minas Gerais (-1%) and Goiás (-0.2%). Bahia has remained stable in production.

Edition: Talita Cavalcante

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