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In the last minute of play, Moggy defeats Flamengo and prevents rival from taking the lead | basketball


In the classic between Mogi and Flamengo, two of my favorite NBB title teams, the National Basketball League, the Sao Paulo team's win. Last year's semifinalists defeated current champions 75-74 and reached five victories in seven games, staying fifth. Flamengo lost the chance to take the lead and now, with six wins and two defeats, continues the second.

Flamengo dominated the first two quarters, but saw Moggy grow in the third period. Four minutes passed, the red-blacks took the lead, but saw their rivals continue to score in the final minute. Flamengo had a chance to win with 12 seconds to go, but Markinhos and Leo Demitrio missed the chance under the basket.

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Markinhos with 17 points was the basket of the game. Moggy featured Fulvio with 16 points, including a three-minute ball in the final minute, which was crucial to the final score.

In NBA regulation, the 16 teams face off, with the top four going straight to the quarterfinals, while the teams between the 5th and the 12th play some sort of round of 16. Then in the playoffs better than five until the solution .

Mogi Х Flamengo no nbb - Photo: Paula Reyes / FlamengoMogi Х Flamengo no nbb - Photo: Paula Reyes / Flamengo

Mogi Х Flamengo no nbb – Photo: Paula Reyes / Flamengo

Flamengo took the lead in the first two quarters, always relying on Moggy. At the end of the first room, from 24 to 22 for the caryos. By the end of the second sentence, it was already 43 by 39.

The third room was from Mogi. While Flamengo suffered even free throws, only six turning in twelve chances, Mogie managed to make excellent counterattacks to take the lead. The score was 60 to 57.

In the fourth period, Moggy opened the scoring with seven points, but Flamengo turned in less than a minute, with Marquinhos' highlights on the ball. Four minutes passed, the score was 69 and 68 and coach Guernsey called time. With a minute to go, Halvio struck out three and again put Mogi ahead, 73 on 72. In the end, 75 on 74, with Flamengo missing the basket opportunity 12 seconds into the end, losing to Marquinhos and Leo Demitrio.

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