Wednesday , April 21 2021

"If you want, I will leave tomorrow"

By in the quarter-finals of the group stage of Libertadores, technician of Palm trees, Luis Felipe Scolari, gave a press conference in a very angry tone.

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All because some fans who went to the stadium in Peru accused athletes before, during and after the game, which upset Felipao.

In the interview, he called them "corneters" "pack clowns" and even talked about leaving the club.

"It has happened that there must be four or five who have no idea what they are telling the players." Shouting some nonsense, if they want to yell nonsense, to blame, find me. I do not know what to do, but I do not know what to do, I do not know what to do. If I'm not interested, I'm there in Sao Paulo, I live in Sao Paulo, "he exclaimed.

"If you are not happy, there is the president there, which is much simpler, and if you do not want, Palmeiras does not even have to pay you, a group of people who do not have a concept, and then say" we are not. "" If you have a class that wants to do it, do it, but take it, they say: "We are so much from such a crowd." "Do not be a liar, I am disturbed by these people," he added. .

Luiz Felipe Scolari during a victory over Palmeira over Melgar EFE

With a result, Verdão was 12 points and already secured the road to the circle of 16 with advance advance round – Cruise, International and Atletico Paranaense already classified.

Better yet: the team of Luis Felipe Scolari again took the lead San Lorenzo lost to Barranquilla 1-0 and parked in 10 points.

Colombians added their first 3 points, but are still in the lantern, while the Peruvians are in 3, with 4.

In the sixth and final round of the group stage, Palmeiras receives it San Lorenzo, at Allianz Park, to confirm the group's leadership.

Already on Junior plays in his home against Melgar to define who ends at 3 and goes South America Cup.

Both matches will be held on May 8 at 9:30 am (from Brazil).

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