Thursday , October 1 2020

"I know your game," Rodrigo shoots at Thais after the pitch is formed


After formulating the pitch that put Neto in the spotlight, Rodrigo Javanello and Winnie Viara, Rodrigo confronted Thaisey in "Pharma 2019": "The enemy of breaking and coming in, this is what you do, I know your game," complaining about digital influencer's commentary during the live program.

"That has nothing to do with one thing, isn't it okay to drink?" Thais justified himself, referring to the last party in which Rodrigo told Winnie the Vieira that the humorist is the option to vote in this garden: slow me down. "

Winnie Vieira defended Ponda's stance: "I saw that it was wrong to ban the guy from talking to me, he says whatever he wants, whoever he wants, you are no longer a group, that is his opinion."

A few minutes later, Rodrigo commented to Thais that he was upset that revivals had stated during the program that the actor had been drinking at the last party: "It is a bit of a hurt word, it loses credibility." Shari apologizes to the pedestrian.

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