Thursday , January 21 2021

"I do not want and I have no right to intervene in Petrobras," says Jair Bolsonaro

President Yair Bolsonaro said he will not intervene in the country's price policy.

"I do not want and I have no right to intervene in Petrobras. I do not want and can not intervene in Petrobras," Bolsonaro said.

"You understand the clear intention of our president to absolutely not take any action that can demonstrate, whether in the press or on the market, any direct involvement in Petrobras policy," spokesman Rigo Barro said.

On Tuesday, 16, ministers Bento Albukerki, mines and energy, Paulo Gudes, the economy and President of Petrobras Roberto Castello Branco, met with the president to clarify the policy of fuel prices.

According to Minister Albukerke, since 2002 the price of the fuel market is free, and Petrobras is the one who decides on these adjustments.

Last week, Petrobras announced an increase of 5.7% in diesel value, due to which President Jair Bolsonaro called Roberto Castello and asked for clarification.

According to Minister Paulo Gudes, the president wanted to know why the rate of adjustment was higher than inflation.

"It is perfectly natural for the president to take care of this," explained General Rego Barros.

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