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"I cried a lot," says restaurant homophobia engineer – Jornal CORREIO


"I was crying a lot because I felt angry," construction engineer and businessman Gabriella Garrido, 30, told CORREIO about the homophobic approach she announced she was living in the Baravento restaurant with her girlfriend Mayana Mendes, 30, this Friday (16).

On social media, Gabriella recounted how an employee who identified as a store manager asked her and her girlfriend to "contain their spirits and physical contact" in what was a "family environment". After the crash, the engineer told the story that he had never lived like this and was slow to understand what was going on.

“I arrived at the restaurant around 4pm, it took almost 2 hours to get there. At sunset, my girlfriend and I were sitting in the chair side by side. We shot some pictures together, at one point I raised my cheek, I kissed my cheek, and she returned me with a pin. That's all, ”Gabriella told MAIL.

At this point, an officer identified as Aurelio approached the two and asked them not to behave. "He asked us to contain our spirits & # 39 ;. It took me a while to understand what was happening. So I took off my glasses and said: – I didn't get them. What's the matter, exactly? Then he said this was a family environment and that "such contact" was not allowed, "Gabriella said.

A regular at the restaurant, where he spent New Year's Eve 2000, 2001 and 2002 and attended the family weekly, Gabriella said he knew this was a family atmosphere. "My grandfather is a resident of Barra, I grew up here with my family. Do you understand that what is happening can be considered a homophobic act? Please, I want to talk to your supervisor, "said the engineer.

That was when an employee who identified himself as a manager said he "respected the rules of the house" and that such contact was not allowed there. "Then he just left. I was crying a lot, ”Gabriela interjected. Even shocked, the engineer waited about an hour in the restaurant and called police.

According to her, by the time the police arrived, the governor had denied everything. "I called the Dial 100, called lawyers. The police came to the scene, I made the report, but he denied everything to the police. He said I was doing a play. After that, he started having fun with us in the kitchen, "he said.

Sitting at the next table with her husband and a few friends, educator Jazera Gonchalves, 37, said she had seen everything. "They didn't do much. They gave me a kiss, a pic, as I give it to my husband and at that moment the manager arrived and I heard him say that this action was not allowed, "he said.

In confusion, Jaira called a waiter to understand exactly what was going on and asked if she and her husband would give the same peck, they would be prevented equally. "He didn't say and tried to defend the manager, so I asked him not to say anything else and I asked the law. I went to the girls, hugged them and made myself available to testify, "the teacher said.

"They were very homophobic and, as I understand it, the employees share the same idea that an unjust couple cannot exchange affection. It was terrible. My husband and I are no longer moving to that place, "said Haira. "It is no longer necessary in the 21st century to deal with that kind of situation. It was very embarrassing to see such suffering girls. I'm here to help and help this crazy world, "he said.

Gabriella also said that for 30 years she never had to "get out of the closet" because she never "got into it". “I am 30 years old, I have been employed for over ten years, my family members know and accept. I was always very well received in a personal and professional environment, never hiding. Suddenly, it's happening in my surroundings, in my restaurant where I feel comfortable, where the waiters know me and where I've always been treated well. It hurts a lot. I've never been through this, ”he complained.

Gabriella said she waited so long at the restaurant to apologize. On social media, the establishment said in a statement that it "rejects any act of intolerance towards gender, color, sexuality, among others that violates human right to freedom of choice" and held a ceremony 30 days before marriage to an LGBT couple.

"The alleged act of homophobia linked to the media and social networks over the last 24 hours was just a misinterpretation of the consumer because Restaurant Baravento has a diverse audience and reaffirms its belief and commitment to diversity, surely love has no room for prejudice."

At MAIL, Gabriella said she did not understand the note as an apology and was sorry for the response. “I waited an hour in the restaurant, I left my contact and they didn't talk to me. Certainly it may have been an act of a single person, but it should not represent the establishment. With their response, it became clear that the manager represents the thinking of the restaurant, "he said.

MAIL contacted the restaurant and one employee said that "the resulting orientation is that there will be nothing more clear than what has already been posted on social media." But the clarification was deleted from the restaurant's official website. See the print done by MAIL:

A new clarification hearing was issued by the restaurant later this Saturday (16). "Restaurante Barravento regrets the discomfort it can cause to its clients. The organization rejects any discriminatory act, whether it is homophobic, racist, gender or social. He believes and preaches free respect to all. Therefore, he apologizes to those whom Baravento Restaurant also informs that in its sense of respect for its customers, all of its service personnel will go through the Municipal Institutional LGBT Program.

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Homophobic surroundings Good afternoon everyone, I just suffered an act of homophobia at this local BAJANO restaurant called Baravento, located in Av. Oceania, in the Barra suburb of Salvador. I have no words to describe this moment. So unfair and so suffering. All I can say is share it and help me not let it keep happening. ————— I would like a good evening, after all the proceedings are over, and tell everyone what happened on this holiday afternoon. It should have been just a nice break from a traditional restaurant in Salvador. I was accompanied by my girlfriend at the Baravento restaurant when Mr. Aurelio, who called himself the manager of the facility, approached us and demanded that contacts be contained between us, this is the best way I can report what was said. Looking a little further, they informed that Baravento was a family restaurant and that the affection they both exchanged was not consistent and that they somehow bothers and hurt other customers, and as an example to themselves, the two children they were behind. mine was not supposed to witness such a scene. Those were all his words, but I felt it all. I have no words to describe how I felt and what I still feel after all this. We believe that homophobia, prejudice and racism are so far away from us, but in fact they are so close. And for those who have never suffered like me until a few hours ago I tell you, give and give a lot. For this, thank you for your support messages, thank you for the ection that my friends, family, and strangers have received. Some of the clients who were at that time came to me and with such a simple and caring delicacy just asked, "Can I give you a hug?" But it wasn't, it was really important. As one of them said, "How can you two not be kissing while my husband and I? "I don't know, I think this is a question that only Mr Aurelio and Restaurante Baravento can answer.

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