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"I begged them not to shoot," says father of autistic boy killed in PRC persecution in Piradzic – ORANGEAL COROREIO


Nathaniel de Aragio Concepcio was 17 years old and was a fan of Bahia. I liked playing ball and walking with my family. Autonomous son Isisel Aragio, 45, was accompanied by her father, treasurer Juarez Conceiço, 46, when she was shot to death in the head.

A father and son were on their way to the school of the boyfriend of Avenida Gal Costa on Thursday afternoon, 14, when they were met by a robber. Juarez says he had no way out and surrendered.

The suspect came in and ordered him to speed up. A few meters away, in the neighborhood of Piraji,, he was found by a Federal Highway Police (PRC) vehicle searching for an armed suspect – he was killed driver of a car in an apartment during a robbery attempt, moments earlier. The body of Nelson Branco da Silva, 41, was buried yesterday afternoon.

Even after asking federal agents not to fire, he warned that Nathaniel was in the car – he could see the gunshots from the car windows and hit the youngest in the rear. The robber was also killed in the action, which has not yet been identified by the Ministry of Technical Police (DTT).

Father says he asked police not to shoot
Photo: Mauro Akin Nasor / MAIL

"Please don't shoot, my son is here. We are not a bad man, ”he recalled in a brief dialogue he presented with police. "But I saw that my son was already dead," he announced Friday morning, shortly before he buried the teenager at the Bosque da Paz Cemetery.

Asked by MAIL about the family's indictment, the PRC sent the same report released Thursday (14)[[[[see below].

"Professionals who don't know how to act"
It all started when application driver Nison Branco drove a woman to White Cobalt on Indonesia Street. He was approached by a gunman and killed right there. The video shows it moment of murder. The passenger managed to escape.

The suspect then fled. According to reports on the spot, highway police spotted the attempted robbery and tried to arrest the criminals. In the exchange of fire, the rapist crashed the driver into other vehicles.

That was when he met Nathaniel and his father, who were attending the Guanabara Institute in Brotas, where the boy held sessions with a speech therapist on Tuesday and Thursday.

"When he pointed the gun at me, I raised both hands and said my son was there. He understood and just told me to speed up. Same thing I did to the police, but they don't know how to act. ", Juarez complained, in great distress.

Nathaniel and the robber were rescued at Roberto Santos Hospital, where they could not resist the injuries. For Juarez, the teenager was already dead.

Nathaniel was on his way to a session with a speech therapist (Photo: Reproduction / Thailand Muniz / MAILA)

"Happy boy"
The teenager's body was hidden in the home of his family in the Susuarana neighborhood of Salvador for nearly 16 hours. Already at the cemetery, family and friends have described Nathaniel as a happy and dreamy young man. He was a fan of Bahia, recalling his uncle, driver Antonio da Silva, 43.

"Ironically, he died on the day he liked it so much, Thursday. After he returned to the meeting, we had to play football. He was very fond of football, Bahia and played.he says, with a tricolor shirt in his hands.

Antonio is not resigning, he says, when he thinks there is a chance that Nathaniel might be alive – if the police did not shoot, he would reinforce Antonio. "I just wonder why. Why? My sister's only child, so loved, so dear and clever."

Tall, big man, but boy. A cousin of mental age cannot appreciate, but joy contagious, guarantees. "He was autistic, but he didn't always look good. He was a regular in regular school, he was in 9th grade. " On this Republic Proclamation holiday, Nathaniel traveled with his mother and father to Salinas da Margarida, where the family owned a beach house.

Even though she cried a lot, the young man's mother remained at the funeral until the last moment. Isisle discovered her son's autism shortly after giving birth. At the age of three months, Nathaniel underwent three surgeries, reports the mother of Jelohasa Ferreira dos Santos, 74.

"He was such a happy boy. Now the whole family is devastated. How long will they kill our children, our boys and girls?" Asked the housewife. In tears, Natalie's grandmother also said that the trip her whole family would make in April to Fortaleza in Ceara "makes no more sense".

Check out the full note sent by the PRF
“Around 7:10 pm [de quinta-feira, 14]As Federal Road Police personnel moved from the PRC headquarters to Piradzic to begin the service, they were acquainted with firearms nearby, and police officers immediately moved in to confirm the occurrence.

Arriving at the scene, police saw a man with a gun in his hand trying to take a vehicle from a citizen. There was an exchange of fire with the police.

After the confrontation, police called SAMU and immediately rescued the hit man and the robber, who were taken to the hospital.

Subsequently, the federal traffic police team learned that initially they had heard noise was a previous situation in which a man was shot dead near the scene of the robbery attempt. "

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