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Hla joins Vasco in historic game, title chance postponed – 11/13/2019


In one of the best and most exciting games of the 2019 Brazilian Championship, Flamengo and Vasco tied for a 4-4 record. The result eventually postponed the possibility of a Brazilian title for Rubro-Negro on Sunday (17).

Goals were Bruno Anrique (2), Everton Ribeiro and Danilo Barcelona (counter) for Hla; and from Maroni, Jago Picachu, Marcos Fioriere and Ribamar, in the second half for Vasco.

With the result, Flamengo reached 78 points. with 11 difference for Palmeiras, but with another match. Already Cruzmaltino went to 43 points and is practically free of relegation.

Departure to Maracani

Anyone who thought Vasko would only defend himself was wrong. Playing honestly and loyally, even technically inferior, Cruzmaltino made Flamengo's life difficult, even after the Reds made it 1-0 with 38 seconds to play.

Despite not being so exposed, Cruzmaltino organized himself in an attacked manner and built his goals by exploiting the opposing defenses. Flamengo, in the times that shook the net, demonstrated the individual quality of his players.

Best of Flamengo: Bruno Henrique

The attacker, in turn, was portrayed in a classic. The player, who did not have a good first half, managed to change the history of the game in the final phase. He commanded his team's offensive system and tied the game when the score was 3-2 for Vasco, then made the fourth of the red and black team, securing the victory of the Jesus-led team.

The Best of Vasco: Jago Picacho

On Vasco's side, Jago Picacho made perhaps his best game of the year. In addition to the beautiful performance that resulted in a penalty and his goal, he also made a nice pass in the play converted by Marcos Jonior. Forward Maronia and defensive midfielder Raul were others who did well.

Flamengo's worst: Marsh

The Spanish defender was not on a good night. In addition to being part of a sector that had some flaws – two of Vasko's three goals were born on the left side of the defender – he was dribbling and allowing Picachu to come in and punish.

Worst of Vasco: Danilo Barcelona

On Vasco's side, Danilo Barcelona finished – albeit reluctantly – effectively contributing to one of the goals scored by Rafinja's cross and the ball died in the back of the net. In addition, there were problems with marking the right back.

Hla's goal in 40 seconds!

After a beautiful individual move from the left, Rainier entered the cross, crossed, no one from Vasco cut and Everton Ribeiro fired a shot to open the score 40 seconds into the first half.

Vasco joins Maronia

Vasco equalized 33 minutes into the first half after Rossi slammed into the area, Raul straightened his head and Maroni shot to the bottom of the red-and-black goal.

Vasko turns after Picasso's beautiful game

Vaska's turn came three minutes later, when Jago Picachu made a beautiful solo move, wrote Pablo Marie and Rodrigo Cayo and was awarded a penalty. The versatile player himself took charge and, with a fierce blow, put Cruzmaltino in front of the scoreboard.

Flee is tied to Danilo's accident

In the final move of the first half Flamengo came to a draw after Gabigol chose to turn the foul over Rafina instead of a straight and right back cross. In the middle, Danilo Barcelona tried to reduce it, the ball went back to mislead Fernando Miguel and was killed in the back of the net.

Arbitrage hits Danilo's goal

The referee first indicated that he would give Rafinja a goal. However, at the break, they decided to score as a goal against Danilo Barcelona, ​​despite the "right back" claim. "It must be my (goal)," he told Premiere at the exit of the first half.

Vasko again before him! How many plays!

Just six minutes into the second half, Picachu gave Rossi a wonderful pass. The fast forward went deep and crossed to find Marcos Jr. free. The manager played a category in the corner to bring Vasko back.

Fly draw for a quick break

After Vasco missed a great chance with Richard, Flamengo engaged a massive counterattack with Bruno Anrique, who played for Arasketa. The Uruguayan, very cleverly, returned to the striker to reach the net and reconnect.

There was more, much more

That was the dynamics of a really electric game. Bruno Anrique will clutch Flamengo's room after Vittinho's beautiful play on the right, striking an indescribable jump. However, in the additions, Vasko demanded equality. Ribamar showed physical strength and opportunism by exploiting Diego Alves's late departure to head for the net.

Did you go to the results sheet?

Just 20 minutes before halftime, glass was thrown on the lawn by Flamengo fans. The judge saw him and asked the fourth judge to dress the result: "Glass, write it down!"

Vasko in the fight against racism

A club with a history of combating racism in the early days, Vasko displayed the logo on the raccoon soccer observatory on his shirt in today's classic Flamengo shirt.

The association aims to monitor, prepare reports and distribute cases of racism in football, as well as informative and educational activities aimed at eradicating prejudice in sport.

The arrival of Flamengo

Vasko's preparation


Location: Maracana, Rio de Janeiro (RF)
Time: 9:30 pm PST
Judge: Wilton Pereira Sampaio (CSO)
Accessories: Fabricio Vilarinho da Silva (GO) and Bruno Raphael Pires (GO)
WAR: Bruno Arleu de Aragio (RJ)
Yellow Cards: Gabigol, Raffinas (FLA); Richard, Rossi (YOU)
Red cards: Nothing
Goals: Everton Ribeiro, 40 seconds into the first half (HLA); Maronia, 33 minutes into the first half (YOU); Jago Picachu, 36 minutes in the first half (YOU); Danilo Barcelona (counter), 39 minutes into the first half (HLA); Marcos Jr., 6 minutes into the second half (YOU); Bruno Henrique, 20 minutes into the second half (HLA); Bruno Henrique, 34 minutes into the second half (HLA); Ribamar, 47 minutes into the second half (YOU)

Flamengo: Diego Alves; Rafinja, Rodrigo Ciao, Pablo Marie and Philippe Luis; Villean Ario, Gerson (Wittinho) and Everton Ribeiro; Rainier (Arkasketa), Bruno Henrique and Gabigol.
Technical: Jorge Jesus

VASCO: Fernando Miguel; Jago Picako, Osaldo Henriquez, Ricardo Graca and Danilo Barcelona; Richard, Raoul, Marcos Jr. (Bruno Caesar) and Guarin; Rossi, and Maroni (Ribamar).
Technical: Wonderley Luxemburg

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