Sunday , March 29 2020
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"His problem was upset, I wasn't lying," Thais told Rodrigo

During yesterday's training session on the field, Thais spoke with Hariani about his voice in Rodrigo. The pawn was upset by Jari's excuse, who said he voted for him because he saw him talking about votes with Winnie Viera, who was an opposing team at the time. Rodrigo explained that he was not sad about the vote, but Thais said he drank too much during a conversation with Winnie at the latest real-life party.

"What do you say he drank? His problem was upset. Everyone is watching here, and I really saw him go. I'm not blind, thank God. Do you think that's wrong? I wasn't lying, ”Thais explained.

"It is true that he did. But I think it's good to avoid talking about these trains here, ”Hariani replied, closing the conversation quickly. The Garden of the Week was formed by Neto, Rodrigo and Winnie. One of the pawns will become a farmer on Sunday and gain immunity on today's live show.

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