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He singled out the original Beetle and created stylish motorcycles – small business Big business


Volkspod, created by Brent Walter (Photo: Reproduction / Instagram)

Rs motor racing all over the world they remember the Volkswagen beetle. Anyone can recognize it and it's not that hard to see on the streets. In the form of insects, the vehicle is still present in both retro and modern racing games. Unfortunately, the carmaker bid farewell to the model after more than 80 years of production.

American Brent Walter has found a way to perpetuate his image car who once went to the movie star and gave a destination to his car parts. In real life, to win money, he manages the production of medical devices. In his free time, he wants to create scooters and other types of car inventions. One is a motorcycle with parts of the beetle.

According to one of Voltaire's posts, the engines produce 6.5 hp. The paths were changed to get bright and light and to be colored. vintage Green and pastel blue. The inventor added a handle and saddle passing through the panel.

Voltaire named the Volkspod vehicle. He started the experiment just to test his skills, as well as having an interesting camera show: "I wanted a scooter to go to the VW shows," he told Boring Panda.

Volkspod (Photo: Reproduction / Instagram)

Detailed Instagram process
The whole process of building a Volkspod is documented in Instagram by Voltaire. Numerous publications give a detailed account of how motorcycles were built. That way, it won't be that hard to see other similar motorcycles out there soon.

Voltaire told the site that although Beetle is an old car, it is surprising to find parts of it.

"People's Car"
The Beetle was first designed in the mid-1930s and went on sale in 1938, but was not a commercial success until the late 1940s.

Volkswagen's original goal was to have the product as a "people's car". It was supposed to be a cheap and practical vehicle for new roads coming out of Germany.

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Scooter made of parts of beetle (Photo: Reproduction / Instagram)

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