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Harry gets desperate with Lucas and cries before the fire test

Farian was desperate for Lucas minutes before the fire test at dawn today and the moment was shown during the editing of RecordTV's Farm 2019. The couple's argument came as the former BBB commented that Lucas would cheat if she chose Net to help her with the fire test: "If I pulled Neto, we would sleep together in the stall, and Lucas would quit." Soon thereafter, according to the pictures shown in the program, Pio would warn Lucas that it was a joke, but the miner did not accept the excuses.

"I really wanted the opinion of you who are here with me and talking about maturity. What does one person say if I take out the Net, I will get upset? Tell me? After a situation we have solved, why put me as a drinker? "Lucas asked in a conversation with the pedestrians in the room. Hariani moved:" I want to go home, I can't take him anymore. "

Thais and Sabrina tried to reassure their friend: “You can't shake it. Then talk to him, swallow, throw rocks and then settle. " Sabrina took Harry to wash his face and comforted her: "You don't want your house at home, you want to stay." Thais won the fire test with the help of Lucas and Hariani went to the stadium.

Here's the moment Haryani falls into tears:

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