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Grammio tries to beat Flamengo for the first time in the year and set a record

Grumio welcomes Flamengo today (17) for the 33rd round of the Brazilian Championship with no rematch for the Libertadores semifinal. However, the game at the Gremio Arena is the last chance for Renato Gaco to beat the Reds in 2019. So far, Grimistas has bitter three duels with the most draws. The win will also make the team compile a certain record of wins in the era of points.

Grumio and Flamengo face each other at 4pm (Brazil time).

In the Brazilian Championship of Points, played from 2003 to the present day, Gremio never recorded six consecutive wins. Currently, the team has five successes in a row: Botafogo, Vasco, Internacional, CSA and Capecoense.

In 2008, 2013 and 2015, Gremio won five consecutive matches in Brasileiro. But it never reached its sixth victory. Now the chance is there.

Flamengo's beating is worth approaching Santos, who retired with Sоo Paulo on Saturday. The difference before the round was nine points and could drop to six. Triumph will end the season's drought over private duels with Flamengo.

So far, Grimio has lost twice and tied again. In the first round of the Brazilian Championship, he took 3 for 1. In Libertadores, he was looking 1 for 1 at home and then swallowed the historic 5 for 0.

"These are tough matches against Flamengo, a very tough team to face. They live in a great moment. We know we can lose at any moment, but they do. said Allison, Gramio's striker.

Because morale goes. Although Gremio, in duet, struggles with the revenge mood, there is a feeling that winning the rematch can help overcome the trauma experienced at 5-0. So it's worth the game against Flamengo. And many.


Date and time: 11/17/2019 (Sunday), 16:00 (Brazil Time)
Location: Gremio Arena in Porto Alegre (RS)
TV Broadcast: PPV and Globo (less for SP, BA and PE)
Judge: Rafael Claus (SP)
Accessories: Danilo Manis (SP) and Anderson Coeho (SP)
Video Judge: Jose Claudio Rocha Filo (SP)

GREECE: Paulo Victor; Leo Morea, Geromel, David Bras and Bruno Cortez; Maicon, Darlan (Michelle), Allison, Diego Tardelli and Everton; Luciano
Technical: Renato Gaucho

Flamengo: Diego Alves; Rafina, Tuller, Pablo Marie and Rene; Piris, Diego and Everton Ribeiro; Arasqueta, Vittinho and Gabigol
Technical: Jorge Jesus

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