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Governor and PSL senators refuse to defend themselves to follow Balsonaro

SAO PAULO – President of the airline
the deputies announced on Tuesday
it will leave the party.
But at least for now, you shouldn't be able to drag a lot of subtitle frames. In addition to Senator Flavio Bolsonaro,
who paraded this afternoon,
only the mayor of Miranda (SP), Éverton Sodário, said he would ask for it
to accompany the president among all the eight pessimists elected to the majority system, that is, those who may leave the party and still hold office.

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Besides mayors, they can leave their parties without losing the mandates of governors, senators and presidents of the Republic. Included in this electoral category are PSL Mayor Buenos Aires (RO), Delegate Aragio, Governors Carlos Moises (SC), Marcos Rocha (RO) and Antonio Denarium (RP), as well as Senators Flavio Bolsonaro (R). ), Major Olympio (SP) and Soraya Tronic (MS).

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Three of them, Governor Moses and Senators Olympio and Tronique, have already announced that they will remain in PSL, regardless of Balsonaro's departure. They are considered moderate because they do not support the radical ideology of the "ideological wing" led by Eduardo Balsonaro in Congress.

Governors Rocha and Denarium and Mayor Aragio did not respond whether to leave or not. Denarium said it would meet with President Balsonaro in the coming days to define the situation.

Although still unable to leave the PSL, Balsonaro's allies are trying to drive them out. One of the party's biggest challenges, Luciano Bivar, Congressman Bibo Nunes (RS) launched a campaign of his own on Tuesday, asking his followers to parade at the party.

– Balsonaro is due to announce this afternoon's departure from making money and the Despotic PSL, so we are launching the "Exit PSL" campaign. To sign support for Balsonaro's new party, he cannot be affiliated with any party, "he said.

Kleber Teixeira, a political consultant for the PSL and one of those responsible for the accompanying campaign that gave the party 113,000 new members, said he regretted the position of parliament.

– We do not deny the importance of our president for the growth of the PSL, but we must not forget that it was the PSL that made the possible election of president. So even with the eventual departure of the headline member, it is a mistake for some lawmakers to attack a stone in the house that gave him shelter. Hence my sadness, ”Teixeira said.

Bibo Nuns is one of 20 MPs who had expulsion requests filed by the national PSL directory. Others are Gilil Diniz, Carla Zambelli, Eduardo Balsonaro, Louise Philippe de Orleans and Braganza, Carlos Jordi, Bia Kitsis, among others. If sent under the captions, they can stay with the term and thus continue with Balsonaro for the new party he intends to create.

Eduardo Balsonaro's right-hand man in Sоo Paulo, State Deputy Gilil Diniz, leader of the PSL in the Sоo Paulo legislature and vice president of the Sоo Paulo directory, received a report on his expulsion Monday. Junior Bocella, a federal lawmaker who has become an informal spokesman for Bivar, said the party would seek Gil Diniz's mandate. If that happens, the deputy, Colonel Badin, should take his place.

The GLOBO revealed in October that Balsonaro's allies were articulating the creation of a new party as an alternative to the PSL. According to the statute in the gesture, the name of the new acronym would be the Conservatives, whose principles would be directed to "Christian morality, life from conception, freedom and private property". Vej Magazine reported last Monday that the Alliance for Brazil should be the name of the new party organization.

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