Monday , September 28 2020

Google Photos announced the update with a new moveable menu that replaces the sidebar


While still editing new editing tools, Google Photos has begun to use wider release of the new EXIF ​​panel. We have recently seen that the news is being tested internally, eliminating the use of the side menu.

For those who do not remember, to access the menu of information such as "delete from device", "print" or "add album", the user has to touch the three dots located in the left corner of each photo.

Now, with the upgrade, all this information should be located at the bottom. In addition, Google was also careful to include a special icon for each action. Check out the screenshots below:

The user will need to access the new menu just slide the photo up. According to Google, this "scrollable" menu is much more intuitive than the previous one. To the surprise of many, however, the search giant decided to keep the old "button".

This way, the new EXIF ​​panel can be accessed at the bottom and those who dislike it can continue to use the three points at the top. For now, the update is coming to them already have version 4.30 of Google Photos.

However, this update is being phased out. Therefore, it is always good to have some patience as it may take some time to get to your smartphone.

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