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Goal, Card Record and No Future, Gabigol Stands for Finals | Flemish


On Sunday, there was a goal from Gabigol. He had a 1-0 win over Flamengo over Grammio in Porto Alegre, and also had another card for Gabigol. This time, red. Fined 21 times this year – 19 yellow and two red – the striker is a record among Serie A players.

+ At first glance, the judge quotes Gabigol's gesture to Grimistas and explains in red: "Clap"

The overwhelming majority of times Gabigol takes the card is a complaint. On Sunday, he made a mockery of referee yellow and was sent out. The striker has already vowed internally to control himself to avoid suspensions, but has failed.

Red card! The yellow Gabriel applauds ironically and is sent off on the 28th

Red card! The yellow Gabriel applauds ironically and is sent off on the 28th

Saturday, against River Plate, Peru, Flamengo resolves Libertadores' title, and concern is that Gabigol is about to settle the game with goals, not with the whips that his temper causes when provoked.

"The judge has no patience with me." I'm trying to dispute the card already in place, most are. Obviously this is something I need to improve. I apologize to the companions. I will try to improve myself, but the judges could be more careful. On the ground it's hard not to complain. Today (Sunday), I think it was more than his heart, because I said nothing different than 90% of the players say – said the shooter.

+ Dismissed, Gabigol provokes strikers, refers to Fla's route and counts to five

According to the goals he scored – 38 of 53 games played in 2019 – Gabigol has become one of Flamengo's most important pieces. In his daily life, he won the love of Jorge Jesus and became an athlete closest to the Portuguese. But Ms did not release, once again, for the T-shirt 9.

– It worries me. I still could not make him an emotionally big player because he is technical and tactical. There must be balance. But he is still young, he has time. It's important for great players to be role models, "Jesus said.

Gramio goal 0 x 1 Flamengo for the 33rd round of Brasiliro 2019

Gramio goal 0 x 1 Flamengo for the 33rd round of Brasiliro 2019

Future in Flamengo? Sick forward

Gabigol is on loan from Inter Milan to Flamengo by the end of this year. Given the striker's success, the board anticipated, negotiated with the Italians and reached an agreement to acquire 80% of the economic rights for about 16m euros ($ 74.2m in current prices) in installments. .

But missing the striker with the striker, who shows no haste to take his mind. Football vice-president Marcos Brass handed Gabigol the ball in early November: "You have to settle for his life if you want to be here in 2020. The situation is with him. "

With a chance to win the Brazilian and Libertadores titles, Gabigol is, for the time being, uncertain. But Flamengo is not ready to increase by one percent what it has already offered for a new deal.

– Flamengo has a decision on Saturday against River Plate in Libertadores. We had a decision against Grammio, then we had against Seari, Avac … So, Flamengo, Gabriel and the whole team have decisions to make – said the striker.

Hla only needs two more points to win the 2009 Brazilian Championship. The cast took a break from Monday and begins preparations for the River Plate duel on Saturday at 5pm after Greenwich in Lima.

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