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Globo Completes Works of "A Donna to Pedako" – 19/11/2019

Director Amora Mutner intends on Tuesday to close the shoot of "A Donna to Pedako" and already have a rest on the cast.

Finally, the need to take over the work by Thursday, in the wake of the final chapter, was ruled out. Also, there is no talk of recording "alternative ends".

But for what?

As always, from the interiors of the Globe itself, and even sources that are considered official, all soaps come out.

"Donna to Pedako" will be just one more. As everyone else will or will be. All trade is involved.

It is surprising why Globe, so attentive in its achievements, does not pay particular attention to all leaks of all soaps. Stop it.

If not for other reasons, it will be enough respect for the viewer to deserve it. No one wants to go to the cinema, knowing the end of the movie. The novel, of course, should be no different.

Natalia Deal was one of them

Natalia Deal was one of the "owners of the piece"

Picture: Caesar Alves / TVGlobo


And with the soap opera in the final moments, it is certain that there was a "mistake" in choosing the title. Better would be "Women in pieces". In the plural.

Agatha Moreira, Natalia Dale and Paola Oliveira have simply taken over the story and will be screened. Ianauliana Paes went as far as she could, but was prevented from developing the story.


Alok, a DJ and electronic music producer, closed with Netflix after seven months of trading.

The plan for him is to make a documentary, not a series, as Anita did.

Why not?

The group provided full coverage of the U17 World Cup, including live broadcasts and Sunday's final against Mexico.

But with staff, narrators and commentators, in the studio and without reporters on the playing field. A game, by the way, played in Brazil. It wasn't in China or Thailand.

For another

Globo made the U17 final, intense, and even exhaustive in the course of programming.

To the point that in the aim of winning the Brazilians, his storyteller, the animated Gustavo Villani, seals "the relief of millions of Brazilians". It's hard to imagine what Villianni might say in the World Cup final.

Journalism today

Roadside journalist Rodrigo Viana, the first on the road, was the first to report on the editing of MS Sports, the sports arm of Saul Klein, successor to Casas Bahia, with the Araracuara Railroad.

That spoiled the news in front of everyone. Good that this is clear, to justify the merit and establish the truth.

Rodrigo Santana also leaves

Rodrigo Santana leaves Dolly too

Rodrigo Sant Anna appears on TV show and fans question alleged plastic – Photo: Reproduction


Quite discreetly, Dolly, broadcast on Saturday in Globo, is undergoing a new process of role rearrangement.

After Dani Calabrese, Rodrigo Santana will also leave the program.


On Saturday, Daniel Ajuto presented "SBT Brazil" for the last time and is already fulfilling the announcement. As stated here, your employment with CNN Brazil is already defined.

Ajuto will be one of Brazil's presenters.

In return

SBT's director of journalism, when it comes to Daniel Ajuto's departure, works with the opportunity to value the house's silver.

It is recognized that some of its producers, those who preserve the news and support the news, may be promoted to video reporters.

Presentation day

Journalists Cassius Zilman and Daniel Ajuto, now a former SBT, will perform Tuesday at CNN's headquarters in Sao Paulo.

Moment for photos and recording of official statement.


Yesterday, in Globo, through communication, Alberto Pecegueiro's departure from the Globusat channels was announced.

After 25 years, he decided to give up the company's executive activities. Is stay until January to pass the baton.

Paulo Orgorgan, Anaiano Abbas and Jermila Guedes practice

Paulo Orgorgan, Joanna Abbas and Jermila Guedes Exercise in "Second Call"

Photo: Maurício Fidalgo / TV Globo


Artistic director Joanna Abacache, at the center, leads actors Paulo Orgorgulo and Jermila Guedes in the filming of "Second Call."

In the scene, which airs on Tuesday, Principal Iaki (Weaville) reveals that Professor Sonja (Guedes) is one of Jiraia's clients (Ze Tracey), a student who illegally sells drugs at the Carolina Maria de Jesus School. .


BandNews debuted at noon Sunday in the series "Mar Brazil" in five chapters on the struggle of experts, NGOs and fishermen to clean the sea. The presentation is by Tamara Klink, daughter of browser Amir Klink.

The first will show how climate change affects both marine biodiversity and coastal communities.

Knock – knock

* Reporter Everton Di Souza, best known for the recently released character of SBT Hofokito, is auditioning for Record …
* … He is likely to step up the Sao Paulo General Balance team.
* Mauricio Meirelesh will perform his solo show "Departing Chaos" this Wednesday at "Stopping at the Senior Theater" in S Паo Paulo.
* … there are two shows at 18h and 20h …
* … And that will lead to the Netflix special, available to subscribers to the streaming platform of 2020.
* Laresio Ferreira departs from the music direction of SBT …
* … The information is that the intention is to completely reform the sector.
* Leo Dias will return to writing for print newspapers. Crash at the Ornamental de Brasilia. It starts on December 15th.
* Fox Sports' entire programming is already fully focused on Flamengo and Rivera, Saturday, the Libertadores finale.

* Collaborated with Jose Carlos Neri

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