Sunday , August 1 2021

Former Apex director is banned from entering the agency

BRAZIL – Former director of the Export Promotion Agency (Apex-Brazil), Admiral Ricardo Segovia, Letizia Chatetani, was banned from joining the agency's headquarters this week. The former director's badge was blocked by Segovia's own determination. According to the source who witnessed the episode, Letizia will try to skip the rocket, but was held by the guards.

Former director of Apex has denied the version of the barrier. But she confirmed she was with the agency to get her personal belongings, documents, computer, passport, bible, and religious articles that were still in the room she occupied.

She said that when she tried to get a visitor's badge, she was informed that the agency's chairman did not approve her entry into the building and that her items would be packed and sent from the post office. Letizia also announced that when she left the gate and headed for her car, Apex's infrastructure manager told her, who apologized and announced that the access had already been released so that she could remove her belongings.

A day earlier, on Tuesday, Letizia provoked controversy by saying in the social network that it was under pressure from the government to keep "untruthful deals". She did not explain what the contracts would be, but said she was threatened and slandered and paid a price for it.

Letzia and Marchi Coimbra, who was from the Corporate Governance Board, were released after nearly five months in the agency. Appointed by Chancellor Ernesto Araujo, they disagree with two former Apex presidents: Alexis Carreiro and ambassador Mario Villalva.

Therefore, Apex, from the current year, has, among them, Segovia, three presidents. This turnover and the problems and conflicts found in the agency made government members, such as Economy Minister Paolo Gudes, defend their extinction.

After the confusion, Letizia Catarani received permission to enter the room she occupied, according to
Lauro Jardim GLOBO columnist

How does Apex work?

The Brazilian Export and Investment Promotion Agency (Apex-Brazil) was established by the federal government in 2003 with a mission to carry out strategic policies aimed at promoting Brazilian products and services on the international market, stimulating Brazil's export activity and attracting investment in earth.

As well as entities of this type in other countries, Apex-Brazil organizes various activities such as business missions abroad to find markets, business circles involving Brazilian and foreign entrepreneurs, promotional events in the country, and still supports the participation of Brazilian companies in major international fairs.

To the government of Dilma Rousseff, Apex-Brazil was associated with the Ministry of Development, Industry and Trade, as part of the Brazilian system for supporting foreign trade. Under Michel Temer, the agency was transferred to the foreign ministry structure in order to use the structures of Brazilian embassies to promote Brazilian companies, products and services in the world. By December, the agency was led by diplomat Roberto Jagaribe.

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