Monday , August 2 2021

Five champions of Libertadores can reach the circuit of Cruzeiro in the octaves; the list may increase

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Copa Libertadores already has 12 classified in the eighth finals. Group C and G are missing. With the first place confirmed in his key, Cruzeiro will face second place. An opponent will be known in a draw that is held next Monday at the headquarters of Connemil in Paraguay. Possible celestial opponents, six clubs have already been confirmed in the latter. Some of them are of great tradition, with the titles of the liberator in their trophies, such as River Plate (3 times champion of the tournament), Uruguayan national (3), Gromio (3), San Lorenzo (1) and LDU from Ecuador) .

Two other champions in America can be in second place: Olympique de Paraguay and Boca Juniors from Argentina.

With one round left, Olympiyah leads Group C with 9 points. Godoy Cruz-Arg and Universidad de Concepción-Chi are tied with 6 points. The Argentine team has a greater balance than Chilean: 1 and -1. By the fourth place, Sporting Crystal of Peru, with 4 points, has odds (a balance of – 4).

In the final round, Gooy and Concepcion are confronted in Argentina. Who wins will be in second place and can dream for the first if Olympias lost to Sporting Cristal in Paraguay. The Peruvian team has little chance of qualifying because they will have to shake the Paraguayan club and hope for a draw in the second game.

Boca, meanwhile, is very close to the spot, having 8 points (4) and Tolima (-3 for balance) and Jorge Wilsterman (-7) with 5 points. The difference in equilibrium leaves the Argentine club quieter in the fight for the last wave.

In the final, Boca Juniors faces Atletico-PR, who has already been ranked 9 points in Argentina. The victory leaves Bombonera's team in the top position of the group. Boca is just risking to be off if he is defeated and has a historic championship at Jorge Wilsterman x Tolima in Bolivia.

The only one who has already qualified in the second place that has not won the title of Libertadores is Emelec. The Ecuador team was in key B and won 9 points. This Wednesday, electrically won Cruzeiro from 2 to 1 in Mineirao.

For the second generation – the best campaign was Palmeiras (click here and see the table), Cruzeiro will have the advantage to decide at home in a knockout stage in the eighth, final and semifinal stages, as long as they do not face the Sao Paulo club at some point. The decision of Libertadores will be in a game, on November 23, at the National Stadium in Santiago, the capital of Chile.

A group of situations

Group A
1 – International
2 – River Plata-ARG

Group B
1 – Cruise
2 – Emelec-EQU

Group C (undefined)
1 – Olympia-PAR: 9 points (equilibrium: 4)
2 – Godoy Cruz-ARG: 6 points (equilibrium: 1)
3 – Universidad de Concepción-CHI: 6 points (equilibrium: -1)
4 – Sporting Crystal-PER: 4 points (equilibrium: -4)

Group D.
1 – Flamengo

Group E.
1 – Cerro Porteño-PAR
2 – National-URU

Group F
1 – Palmeiras
2 – San Lorenzo Arg

Group G (Undefined)
1 – Atletico-PR: 9 (equilibrium: 6)
2 – Boca Juniors-Arg: 8 (equilibrium: 4)
3 – Tolima-COL: 5 (equilibrium: -3)
4 – Jorge Wilstermann-Ball: 5 (equilibrium: -7)

Group N.
1 – Freedom-PAR
2 – Guild