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Find cheap flights from Azul to Economia

Passageiros relatam atrasos e cancelamentos nos voos da Azul desde essa quarta-feira. Houve registros de filas e transtornos em Confins, at Grande BH and at the airport Santos Dumont e Galeo, no Rio de Janeiro.

Uma jornalista, who prefer no identificar, entrust us with a reportagem do Estado de Minas If you are not interested in quarta-feira, we have Confins, on the embarcaria para o Rio de Janeiro. "Era muita gente reclamando, passageiros que estavam ali esperando desde cedo" relatou.

The affirmation is that there is confusion, the capital is fluminous, there is no quinta-feira, no conseguiu embarcar in Campinas, no pegaria um voo para Estados Unidos. "Perdi o voo e a priso que eu embarque somente noite. Disseram (a companhia) that um tripulante no tinha aparecido", affirm.

O ator Paulo Betti tambm estava entre os passageiros que enfrentavam atrasos e cancelamentos no Galeo. He has been hanged for over 300 years in Belm e iria embarcar nesta sexta-feira.

An evaluation of Azul's improvisation to find out how many meteorolgicas no Rio de Janeiro onthem and hog, algumas operates compassia precisaram on canceladas and outras sofreram atrasos. A promise to affirm these clients impacted this auxiliary reception, conforming to a resolution of 400 by Anac, and delivering real estate in outer space to the company.

Passageiros enfrentam fila no balc
Passageiros enfrentam fila no balco da Azul em Confins (photo: Reproduo / WhatsApp)


Ontem, a Gol suspended the flight of 11 aircrafts to model a Boeing 737 NG before its component replacement. A recommendation on how to ensure the safety of the recompiled Agncia de Aviao dos Estados Unidos (FAA).

If you have an expectation, you will only have to pay 3% of the total number of entries in the quota (10) and 15 in December. "The clients are affected by this information sent by SMS, but by e-mail and other information agencies, and by outsourced to the GOL or the congressional program", esclarece.

An FAA determines, as a matter of course, how companies are supposed to inspect the model depots of the "fissuras estruturais" in China.

An aeronaut produced in 1996 has acomodar bands between 110 and 210 passages.

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