Monday , September 28 2020

Federal police operation investigates sale of judgments in Bahia Court of Justice – KOREIO


Federal police (PC) launched an early morning operation on Tuesday (19) in the Haroste to dismantle a possible criminal scheme aimed at selling court decisions by judges and judges of the Bahia State Court (TC-BA). In addition, the lawsuit investigates both active and passive corruption, money laundering, currency evasion, criminal organization and trafficking.

According to Federal Police initial reports, the action involved more than 200 federal police officers, serving four arrest warrants and 40 search and seizure warrants in offices, forums, law firms, companies and respondent's homes in the cities of Salvador, Bareiras, Formiras to Rio Preto and Santa Rita de Cusia, in Bahia and Brazil.

According to the PC, there are orders to remove four judges and two judges from their duties. The orders have been issued by the Supreme Court of Justice (WTC) and are intended to locate and seize further evidence of the crimes committed.

According to preliminary information obtained from MAIL, one of the arrest warrants in the Bahia capital is being served in the Rio Vermejo district.

Demonstrated by MAIL, TC-BA sent a statement confirming the removal of the president of the court, Judge Gesivaldo Brito. See in full:

The TJBA was surprised by this action by Federal Police activated Tuesday morning (19/11/19). We still do not have access to the content of the process. The Supreme Court of Justice is most recommended at this time to provide appropriate clarifications. The investigation is ongoing, but all information from TJBA members will be given later, based on constitutional principles.

According to the principle of contradiction, there is also the protection of the right of defense of a constitutional nature, as provided for in Article 5, paragraph LV: with the resources and resources inherent therein. "

Both are constitutional principles and can be found from the perspective of human and fundamental rights. Therefore, they should always be vigilant about where to exercise and, in general, avoid damaging those who have to defend themselves effectively.

As regards the temporary job of President, the internal rules of this Court provide the solution applicable to the particular case. The first vice-president, Judge Augusto de Lima Bishop, is a natural replacement.

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