Sunday , October 17 2021

Federação Paulista of the interdicts of Vila Belmiro; Santos claims that he is normal in the stadium


Football Federation of Brazil (FPF) forbade Vila Belmiro on Thursday due to winning the Department of Fire on Wednesday. The information was originally published by Log of fish.

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The Department of Fire Service also conducted a survey on Wednesday. The request concerned the review of some items as one of the gates and the design of a new stand, in place of the old ground cabins behind the goal opposite the electronic scoreboard.

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In contrast to the intervention order issued by the FPF, Santos claims that Vila is still operating normally. Fish forecast is to fire the fire brigade for up to one week.

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Santos Futebol Clube explains that Vila Belmiro is normally following his actions, even if he hosts the quarter-finals of the Under-17 Cup quarter-finals on Thursday (8) against the Coritib. The club has requested the AVCB to renew our stadium on September 17, and the Fire Brigade, which she only conducted a survey last Wednesday (7), she asked for some changes that are already being provided, and by Tuesday (13) everything should be standardized, "says Santos in a statement.

Peixe expects to face Atlético-MG, 24, in the 37th round of the Brazilian Championships at Vila Belmiro. Chapecoense will be in Pacaembu, and the trend is also against Botafogo.

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Credit: Ivan Storti / Santos

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