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Fatima Bernards takes a drastic stance on William Boehner and leaves Internet users upset – TV spot

Fatima Bernardes at the meeting (Photo: Reproduction / Globe)
Fátima Bernardes no Encontro
(Photo: Reproduction / Globe)

In 2016, William Boehner and Translation and localization surprised everyone with the news that the 26-year-old marriage ended. The couple, who together are parents of three children, Beatrice, Vinicius and Laura, did not talk about the real reasons for separation, which intrigued many people. However, the rumors and speculations surrounding the matter were numerous. Even the betrayal of the journalist was considered.

On the morning of this Thursday, April 25, Fatima Bernards took the opportunity to split a click away from the moment she misses me very much.

"Today #TBT is honoring his Zezigny, by Crato, CE, who delighted us at yesterday's meeting with his readiness to learn to read and write. And even sent me hugs and said he missed the time of JN. My gratitude to all who, like him, were with me for so long ", writes in the title.

Some netizens noted the lack of anchor the program, which was apparently cut off from the photo. "Cut out Bonner why?"asked one. "Bonner missed"I noticed another. "I miss your newspaper with Bonner", lamented another, giving little meaning.


(Photo: Reproduction / Instagram)


Netizens made great excitement on the Internet after comments from Bruno Gisoni and Gabriel Medina in a bold image of Rakel Apollonio.

+ Known in marriage to the actress of the Seventh Guardian, gives to the top of another woman, the fans catch her and warn the woman: "And the woman?"

The fitness blogger used the day this Thursday, April 25, to share her followers with a sexy-click on yours. Wearing only a sweater and panties, Rachel stared into the fridge in her kitchen.

It was not long before her photo reached a comment that boasted the beauty and sculptural body of the blogger. Wonderful"One said."Unique beauty"He praised another surfer. But what really attracted attention was what the famous Bruno Gisoni, married Yanna Lavigne, with whom she has a daughter Magdalena, and also surfer Gabriel Medina.

Found"He wrote an actor, referring to the fact that Rachel seemed to be looking carefully inside the fridge. What was supposed to be a joke on him, became just a mess because his followers considered it unnecessary and took it on the side of evil.

"Wow, what's good with the woman?"Asked one, finding it strange. "What about the family? Is it okay?", he hung a second. "And the woman also found your comment?"It's called a third." The actress at Globo showed she was not offended by what her husband said, and also praised Rachel's announcement. "Queisssss ", she writes.

After Bruno, the performance of Gabriel Medina was also to relax a bit with her post and be suppressed by rumors of romance with the singer Anita. "What is it, girl! I will put on clothes"Surfer told the photo.

"Anita Mega, look at the boy here commenting on a picture of another girl"Wrote a follower, not forgetting to mark funkeira in the post."Was not Anita?"Ask for another."Imagine this couple! Better than the menu ", said another.

+ Anna Hackmann's husband says the presenter is traumatized and regrets: "It ended with a part of our life"


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