Sunday , June 13 2021

Farm: Leo does not contain tears with leaving Luane & # 39;

Leo: does not contain tears with the Luane & # 39; exit

The elimination of Luane & # 39; and Diasa from Fazenda, a reality TV from Record TV, began to mix a bit with passers-by, especially with Leo Dias, his boyfriend. Exiting the youtuber turned out to be a great cold bath for a bodybuilder.

As soon as Catia entered her thirst, singing Xux's music, Léo lowered his head and did not stop his tears. Weeping, the whole attention of the pawns went to his friend who insisted on comforting Stronda.

Mourning the departure of the carioca, João Zoli spent all his time with his friend, and Evandro told him comforting words: "Be calm, it will work, you will see each other."

After announcing a special fire test for Terry team members, Leo left the room and entered the bedroom. The bodybuilder still cried, but quickly calmed down and began to clean up pictures of his family.

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