Tuesday , February 25 2020
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Farm for 2019:

During a party at the Irishland Pub early today, Neto and Winnie discussed the names of the pedestrians who bet on the winners of the 2019 Farm.

"You have a little intuition in your head," the DJ said. "Hey, I don't have intuition, because there are so many people acting, they understand?" The actor replied. The humorist added: “For example [Cariri] starring demit. So, if I deny buying the idea, it may depend on it, why not? “

"You're the one who's going to win the program, he's alone there …" comments Neto. "Sabrina?" Winnie said. The DJ confirmed that he shook his head and said, "Do you know when intuition is too big? You can't talk here, but the arguments … you know, every garden." "I know what happened there," the actor concluded.

Peon's official profile

On Twitter, some netizens disliked comments by Tim Sol's non-existent pawns. The official profile of Sabrina Paiva says: "The laziness of those who still think Sabrina is using what happened to her to sacrifice herself. Sabrina from Miss Conquest raises the flag of female empowerment and a black woman. She's not saying it, she's really fighting for the cause. "

The report also says: "The worst part of hearing all this is that people do not realize that this kind of attitude is also prejudiced."

The case of racism

In the first week of November, Sabrina commented that she heard a farm official in 2019 call her a "monkey" shortly before the farmer's test. RecordTV issued a statement confirming the episode, in a statement the channel also said that the camera operator who made the racist comment had breached the employment contract.

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