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Exit · Greta, with Marko Nannini and other films and series with LGBTQIA + characters in old age

One of the prime ministers next week, Greta tells the story of Pedro, a homosexual nurse dependent on Swedish actress Greta Garbo, who helps release a young prisoner she ends up with.

Played by Marko Nannini, eternal liner of Big family, the actor avoids the role of the father that made him famous and portrays a man who until then lived a banal and lonely life and after the meeting began to see changes in the discovery and exploration of love and sexuality after 70 years.

The clipping is not unprecedented, but it is still poorly presented, both in cinema and on television. So we brought a list of LGBTQIA + characters in old age, which, like Peter, are well worth knowing. Check it out:

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Weeks On Bakurau

Domigas de Bakurau (Credits: Discovery / Exhibition Films)

In Brazil for several years now, the fictional small town of Bakurau in the north-eastern backdrop is a symbol of resistance. Anyone out there can be who they really are, with no twisted eyes, and this is where Doctor Domingas, played by Sonja Braga, a lesbian in an open relationship with a couple of years younger than her, lives, something unhealthy, bitter, and in vain. one of the main influences in the village.

Sorry from Any form of punch

Sorry for all the bugs (Credits: Reproduction / YouTube)

Oliver's (Evan McGregor's) life gets a fresh start when his father Hall (Christopher Plummer) discovers he is gay after 44 years of marriage to the boy's late mother. With the change, Oliver accompanies Hull's life that he never could have: going to parties, creating new interests, meeting new people, and falling apart again, even with a pocket cancer diagnosis.

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Orge Garea and Benjamin Hall from Love is weird

George George Garea and Benjamin Hull of Love is Strange (Credits: Reproduction / YouTube)

Although they have been around for some 40 years, George (Alfred Molina), a church choir conductor, and Ben (Johnon Lithgow), a visual artist, have seen their lives change once they get married. Despite family support, George does not find the same support at work and is fired. Without money, the couple turns to their families and is when they realize that despite all the support and admiration they claim to have for the couple, prejudices and adversity end up undermining the happy days of their best age.

Aoakin Kobo, from Four moons

Aoakin Kobo, Four Moon (Credits: Reproduction / YouTube)

In one of the stories in this film about LGBTQIA + 2016, writer Aoakin Kobo (Alonso Ehonove), head of a middle-class family with wife, children and grandchildren, becomes obsessed with Gilberto (Alejandro Belmonte) and Kalbau meets him. Taking advantage of the situation, the professional begins to force the writer, who is trying to connect with Gilbert. However, during the negotiations, the relationship between the two begins to change as they get to know each other and the characters end up helping each other with their secrets.

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Anna Madrigal, from Stories about the city

Anna Madrigal, of Tales of the City

In the 1960s, Anna Madrigal (Olympia Doukakis) was a transgender woman who had just arrived in San Francisco, Northern California, leaving her life to be always inside. Decades later, already in the 90's, Anna was founded as the matrix of the LGBTQIA + community that surrounds Barbara Lane, an empire created by Anna's efforts to build a safe space for members of her community.

The story is told in Stories about the city, a limited series that debuted on Netflix This year Although operating separately, the series has three previous seasons, broadcast in 1993, 1998 and 2001, which are fortunately available on the streaming platform.

Robert Hanson and Sol Bergstein, Grace and Frankie

Robert Hanson and Sol Bergstein, by Grace and Frankie (Credits: Split / Netflix)

The lawyers and partners in the law firm, Robert Hanson (Martin Sheen) and Sol Bergstein (Sam Waterson) have been in their twenty-plus years. There is only one small problem in the relationship between the two: they are both married to women – until they decide to divorce so they can finally live the romance open, without secrets.

This is like the plot of Grace and Frankie, The Netflix series that debuted in May 2015 and already has five seasons. Although gestured to taboo, the relationship of betrayal, Robert's and Sol's relationship ends up gaining prominence in history as two men in their seventies decide to celebrate love and happiness between them. "I waited twenty years for you, I would wait another twenty years if need be. There is no one else for me, ”Robert told his companion at one point.

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Freddie Thornhill and Stuart Bixby from Evil

Freddie Thornhill and Stuart Bixby of True (Credits: Split / ITV)

From a few lawyers to a few lords – at least when it comes to their interpreters. Obviously homosexual actors Sir Ian McKellen and Sir Derek obiecki bring to life Freddie Thornhill and Stuart Bixby, a former actor and former bartender, who have been together for 48 years despite the routine of calling each other names and insults still shooting at each other. deep for the ignorant.

"It's important to find the right person," says Freddy at one point. "Or you will be stuck with a worthless idiot for a thousand years like me." The phrase, of course, is just a provocation of the partner. Evil aired between 2013 and 2016 and ended with a pleasant surprise for fans of the series.

Maura Pfeiferman, from Transparent

Maura Pfefferman, by Transparent (Credits: Press Release / Amazon Prime Video)

In TransparentMorton Pfefferman (effefrii Tambor) is a retired university professor who in the afterlife decided to take over the family as a trans woman. Now known as Maura, she has to deal with the complications the decision brings to her family as she tries to show that her whole life disguises herself as a man and that being a woman is what she has always been.

The creator of the series, Illil Solovey, who identifies as binary, that is, neither male nor female, was inspired by her father's transition into a transgender woman to create the story, which had four seasons and one music film closure, shown on Video Amazon Premier.

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