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Elon Masch promised autonomous fees for 2020. Spoiler: It will not happen.

There is an entire graduate of excellent industry leaders, ordering their departure from reality, distancing this is not always bad. Nobody got anywhere thinking in the box, and a little illusion is good, let Steve Jobs say it.

Unfortunately, he died without leaving a relationship with the instructions without the operating manual. Just like American superhero Tim Cook was zoning with a distortion generator of reality. Good old jobs would convince everyone that the mouse with a bottom feed plug makes it a perfect sense, and we would leave Bluetooth some time ago, which will all praise the convenience of dongle to connect the headphones.

On the other hand, Jobs did not accept any response as he forced his employees and consumers outside their comfort zone. Remember, when the iPod was released on macfags there was an attack on the skin saying it was the biggest bullshit Apple could do.

In almost every area there is a place for comfort where everyone is reasonably satisfied, so there is no need to innovate. Take a look at the batteries for example. The old good bunch is standard since the 1920s, small heaps and toothpicks, at least since the 1950s, and nobody is ready to accept a better and more practical format. It was necessary to arrive at the equipment with the energy requirements that conventional batteries can not meet, to migrate to LiPo, Li-Ion, LiMn.

Electric cars were placed as promises for future toys of ecochats with money until Tesla arrived and show that they can be sexy.

But Elon Mash has a serious problem thinking outside the box: He does everything in the inside Mosaic time, a way to say that either he is too bad in creating timelines or too optimistic about creating timeframes, which in any case fall into the first option. Sokol 9 flew for the first time the same year, when "Sokol of the Heavy" was supposed to make his first flight. By the end of last year, two freaks were supposed to make the moon rounding, and Tesla would deliver more cars.

They make no mistake, Teslas are light years ahead of the market, but no other car maker is Elon Mosk, who promises the stars, which causes problems. For some time promises 100% autonomous cars. Teslas behaves very well on normal roads, and his autopilot is responsible for almost everyday posts of people saying that it has been saved from him to prevent accidents.

But, as far as it's clever, it's far from a 100% autonomous system.

There are at least 60 companies that explore autonomous management systems, and all differ from Tesla with one detail: LIDAR.

This terrible thing on the roof of this other terrible thing, Lidar is a kind of "laser" radar, which is used to compile a three-dimensional map of the environment. For, basically, all are essential. Tesla prefers that her navigation system uses conventional radars, sonars and cameras.

On the one hand, it's just a matter of processing, we basically use the type of driving, and some do not even do it. but our brains are a bit more powerful than the chips used in those softwares.

Did Tesla get what no one else has? Are they even smarter than the rest of the industry? Well, sometimes it happens, and the musk looks pretty sure. He says Teslas will leave the factory by 2019 with all the hardware needed to function as 100% autonomous cars and that the software will be available in the second quarter of 2020.

Even if computer gods laugh at Tesla, even if all three-state pizzas and Coca-Cola near Tesla headquarters are spent, they will not get the software on time, and even if they do, no one will allow cars without drivers to walk around the streets.

Politicians will continue to think about it years. Competition will use its lobby to delay the life of Tesla, we are likely to have a law that will forbid autonomous cars before we allow legislation.

And taxi?

This is an idea that Elon Musk promotes and intends to appreciate the vehicles of the users. It would work like this:

You will buy Tesla, you will be happy to work, but instead of leaving the car in the dust collecting car, you will enter the Taxi Mode and will appear as if it were Uber.

Tesla will manage all of the control of passengers, charges, etc., you will only care about receiving money. At the end of the day, or when you needed it, Tesla would return to the parking lot waiting for you.

The project will work in specific areas, with special authorization, but let's face it (again): it will not happen.

First, imagine the foolishness of every day to check if the car has not forgotten personnel. Your Tesla will become so impersonal that there will be no bullets and coins in the ashtray (lie, Tesla has no ashtray).

Secondly, imagine the dirt at the end of the day, translucent seats, shouted from children, shopping and babies that leak into the upholstery, and I mean the show pairs that do not connect to the cameras in the car without a driver …

Elon says that everyday use will not affect the car, because Tesla is designed to work more than a million miles, but even autonomy is already hit, imagine that you are not gasoline electrons longer travel at the end of the day, because your car is constantly hitting your leg.

The idea is commendable, but it takes everyone to have car, becomes a kind of condominium Debate, which, as we learned in American films, is a huge rebound.

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