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Dirty square name? Pan bank offers credit card option!

Are you looking for a credit card but are prevented due to CPF irregularities? Fortunately, the major financial institutions have adapted to serve this audience! This is the case of Banco Pan, formerly PanAmericano, which offers a payroll credit card option without consulting credit protection agencies such as SOC and Serasa.

Because it is a payroll card, it is intended for retirees, retirees and civil servants. Thus, the amount to be paid for the invoice is automatically deducted from the benefit or salary received from it. Not to mention that there is no annual fee.

There is also a choice of pan options offered by Pan, including zero annuity, basic, platinum, gold and international. However, some of them provide an additional card, subject to other conditions and include an annuity. Thus, it is necessary to evaluate the ideal option for the financial profile of each client.

Bank Card Benefits

Among the advantages the card offers are:

  • Limit client's salary or benefit up to 2 times;
  • Up to 4x lower interest rates than conventional cards;
  • No annuity fee;
  • Visa Flag;
  • Provides cash withdrawal through 24-hour bank bank or credit to required account amount;
  • Available for SPC and Serasa negatives.

How do I apply for a Pan Pan negative card?

To apply for the card, you will need to fill out a form with basic personal information through the website. After that, the institution analyzes the request and contacts the client to announce the decision. If approved, the card will be sent to the address listed in the application form.

Upon arrival at the prescribed address, the card must be unblocked by the institution's Call Center on: 0800 776 8000. In case of a request to increase the credit limit and request a duplicate card, the procedure must be carried out. number

A $ 15 fee is charged for card issuance. The same happens for the issuance of other funds, in case of loss or theft, at the request of the client.

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