Wednesday , October 27 2021

Defense Joesley formalizes a new request for the withdrawal of pre-trial detention


The defense of businessman Joesley Batista, from the J & F group, today submitted, 10, another request for the withdrawal of provisional arrest ordered against his client by the Federal Court (TRF-1) of the 1st Region. The application was submitted to the mediator Mônica Sifuentes, who issued mandates as part of the Capitu operation, deploying Lava Jato.

On today's request, Joesley's defense argued that so far, there was no statement from the Federal Prosecutor's Office (MPF) about the application filed yesterday, 9, for the release of a businessman. In defense, it is also mentioned that the Minister of the Federal Supreme Court (STF), Edson Fachin, scheduled on Monday (12) to hear former prosecutor general Rodrigo Janota, during which the request for dissolution will be considered. Joesley's consent.

"As the applicant participated in all investigative acts in this case, he reiterates his request for the withdrawal of pre-trial detention so that he could attend the hearing and avoid transferring it," reads the petition signed by lawyer André Luis Callegari.

In the trial yesterday, lawyers argued that the provisional arrest of the entrepreneur had been ordered to Joesley and the documents required by the court had been forwarded. As the federal police already gave the entrepreneur's testimony and the arrest and take-over order was also met, there would be no need for arrest, as the defense claimed.

"There is no evidence in the case file that the applicant is concealing evidence or obstructing investigations, on the contrary, all his acts reveal an absolute commitment to clarify these and other facts." The applicant has already submitted dozens of testimonies and lodged hundreds of documents at the request of the public authorities " , says the defender.

In addition to Joesley, executive director J & F Ricardo Saud was also arrested yesterday in Operation Launched. According to the judge, the plaintiffs "are still hiding the facts, even though they apparently behave as if they cooperated with justice by signing cooperation agreements with prizes."

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