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Decisive and Provocative: Aspects of Bruno Henrique of Flamengo in Rio Classics | Flemish


That Bruno Henrique is a phenomenon against Rio's rivals is not new. In a 4-4 draw with Vasko, with two goals, he only confirmed the classic Mister's glory with 11 goals in 13 matches. The striker, however, introduced a new aspect: the provocateur.

Still on the lawn of Maracani, in the warm climate of the classic, Bruno Anrique stroked Vasco. For him, the rivals wanted to disrupt the match because the red-black team was superior. The statement made a mouthful.

– Just leave a message: fight for the title, they do not know what they are fighting for. So we have to have our heads in place, because that's what they wanted: to stifle the game, to be cute. There, Cenuquez talks all the time … We have to have a head in place because we are on another level – Bruno Henrique said.

The provocation was answered by Wonderley Luxembourg and bothered.

Bruno Henrique disputes with Yuri and asks Botafogusens:

Bruno Henrique disputes with Yuri and asks Botafoguense: "Where did you play?"

This is not the first time Bruno Anrique's challenge to the classics has caused repercussions. Last week, against Botafogo, he got upset with Yuri's back and let him down:

Express numbers in classics

Provocations aside, Bruno Henrique was Flamengo's toughest player and Brazilian footballer in the final season of the season. There are 31 goals a year, 11 of them in the classics.

Flamenco naked! Bruno Henrique equalized at 20 'from the second half

Flamenco naked! Bruno Henrique equalized at 20 'from the second half


  • Five goals in four games against Vasco
  • Three goals in three games against Botafogo
  • Three goals in six games against Fluminense
New Flemish banner - Photo: DivulgaçãoNew Flemish banner - Photo: Divulgação

New Flemish banner – Photo: Divulgação

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