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Daniel Alves says why he felt "disgruntled" when leaving Barça: "It was always a dream"

This Saturday (April 27) at FOX Sport transmits the decision of French Cupbetween Paris Saint-Germain and Rehn, from 14:30, from Stade de France, but before rolling balls, he talked with some of the main characters of the final. Among them was right-wing Daniel Alves, who gave an exclusive interview to Paolo Vinius Coelho, a PVC, which was broadcast on Friday (26).

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Among the themes, the experienced and the winning side, who already won 39 career titles, as the player with the most achievements in football history, spoke about his departure from Barcelona in 2016, after eight years in the club. Then Danny told the press that he felt "disrespectful" and justified the phrase for PVC.

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"I thought I was disrespectful of the story I had built there, and there were eight years, 23 titles, and they wanted to pull back from the back door." When I came back to Barcelona, ​​it was a challenge for me to prove that I came to my feet, My story with the club, together with my teammates, made the most brilliant story of the club, and why should I go behind the back door? That's why I said: I will continue, I will play another year, we won the Royal Cup Championship, and then I decided to go and demonstrate not only those who lost faith in me, that I am the owner of my fate, that I am the owner of my decisions . adventure, "he said.

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"Not that I did not want to stay in Barcelona, ​​it will be a dream to be able to stay in Barcelona, ​​it's a dream, especially for those who have been there and know what is there. To be in that team, in that a club, it's always a dream, I can not hide this, how can I deny it, but I wanted to show it to them. Even joking, because I'm joking that the truths are talking, I said: if they call me again, I'll be back when we will face, and Juventus has gone and I said that. "

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