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Correio de Corumbá – Public Health Sector Performance Passes Council Inspection

The works of the obstetric center, the municipal laboratory and the Center for Medical Specialties (FEM) were inspected by Mayor Marcelo Iunes on Thursday, September 26th. According to the Chief Executive Officer, services at the Midwifery Center and the Medical Specialty Center follow the schedule.

The chief executive stressed the importance of the services provided by the city. "Our work is focused on all sectors, education, infrastructure, social, security, culture, sports and recreation. Even if the city receives drainage and pavement, at every turn, we do not stop thinking about the health of the people of Corumba. planned management, transparency and humanization to bring the best of all to Corumbo, "Younes said.

Marcelo Eunus stressed the importance of public health work. "At the obstetric center we see that we are working on an accurate schedule. It's important to deliver on schedule so that next year it can start operating, "he said, noting that the space should start operating early next year.

The Midwifery Center project deals with renovating and expanding the existing space. Includes adjusting the operating room, creating a locker to ensure a clean area in accordance with operating room rules. The normal delivery rooms were adjusted with all the infrastructure for the pregnant woman to give birth and at the same place the child already had the first care under the supervision of the mother. The floor will be replaced with general refurbishment of the facilities.

"At the Center for Medical Specialties the company is working to get things done by the end of the year. It is important that the work is done on the right schedule. It will be the largest center for medical specialties in the region, with modern equipment and located in the city center." , the mayor added.

Located on Kabral Street – between November 15th and September 7th – GEM will have 32 rooms totaling over 1,000 square meters. In operation, the space will take Corumbá to another level in public health that will bring together numerous specialties such as orthopedics, ophthalmology and urology. The mayor is looking for resources to carry out the second floor.

Municipal Laboratory
At the municipal lab, Younes discovered the need for the responsible company to strengthen its staff. "At the Obstetrics Center, renovations are in the right phase of execution, with a timely schedule. The Center for Medical Specialties is also monitoring the forecast. "Said the mayor.

The new Corumbá municipal laboratory is installed in the former Clube Noroeste, on Porto Carrero Street, a corner with Fre Mariano. The investment is over US $ 960,000, among Federal Government resources with a City Hall colleague. The building will have all the structure, equipment and professionals trained to perform various exams. There will be a reception with 3 waiting rooms and 3 bathrooms including accessibility, administration room, collection rooms, sample distribution room, bacteriology room, urinalysis room, parasitology room, biochemistry room and reagent preparation room. .

There will also be an office, dressing rooms, communal rooms, laundry facilities, a sterilization room, a warehouse, a kitchenette and a star-studded rooms and bathrooms for the staff. Outside there will be a communal landfill, a household dump, a contaminated landfill and a car wash area.

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