Sunday , September 27 2020

Coritoba wins in the west and returns to third


At Coritiba overcame the West 1-0 on Saturday afternoon (16th) in Quito Pereira and retained third in Serie B with two rounds. Alveverde's team increased its unbeaten record to 11 unbeaten matches with six wins and five draws.

The winning goal was scored by left-back William Matthews at the start of the first half. With 60 points and within the G4, Alto da Gloria's team needs two victories to secure access to Serie A without relying on other results. America-MG, fifth, has two points less. However, the return to the elite can also be confirmed in the next round, when Booth receives Bragantino, Sunday (24), at 4 pm again in Quito.

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With the turnovers of Ovovan and Rodrigo, Coritiba was slow in the match at the start of the match and worked the ball without objectivity. In the 14th minute, in the only good move of the attack, they found the space and scored. Overbooked by Serginho in midfield and gave a beautiful diagonal three-finger diagonal to William Mathews, who settled into the area and fired hard at the keeper. This was the defender's second goal in 26 games in the competition.

Right in front of the scoreboard, the Alviverde team continued to have difficulty building plays and offered no danger to the Paulists who were nearby. On the other hand, the West has also been slow and has missed a lot of additions to its offensive field. Elvis and Mazingo, in kicks from outside the area, were staggering.

Coritiba and Oest played a difficult match for Kuto, with little chance of goal. Photo: Albari Rose
Coritiba and Oest played a difficult match for Kuto, with little chance of goal. Photo: Albari Rose

The script remained the same at the start of the second half, with side-passes and a little offense. Roberto, after a good plot by Elvis and Mazzino, found himself in the area and shot for Wall's defense. The answer to the white and the white came from the ovoid, which came out of the surroundings.

Coxa's strategy was to pull the ball over the field and get it down the line, but the ball was barely enough for Kelvin and Robson, who were on one side and Rodrigo could not keep the ball in attack.

Coach Orgiano then took Rodrigo to the entrance of Igor Jesus. In the set Giovanni almost expanded with the ball over the barrier. Already Matthews Oliveira fired a shot in the defense.

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Rafinja, recovering from the injury, entered Sergio's place, while Kelvin left for Mathews Bueno, 15 minutes from time. The changes, however, have not changed the gaming landscape.

The thigh players made the party fun. Photo: Albari Rose
The thigh players have made the fun. Time depends only on you to climb. Photo: Albari Rose

Thus, the dangers were only in the raised balls in the area. After a cross from the left, Claibre Reis climbed alone and headed for the goalkeeper of the white thighs. William Matthews, after a right-footed shot, headed in to Caviccioli's defense, while Nathan Ribeiro headed a header. Slightly changed the landscape of the game, but enough for Coritiba to celebrate three more points and take another step towards accession.

Technical sheet

2nd circuit – 36th circuit

CORE 1 × 0 West

Alex Wall; Felipe Matiotti, Nathan Ribeiro, Sabino and William Matthews; Mateus Sales, Sergio (Raffinas) and Ovovian; Robson, Kelvin (Matthew Bueno) and Rodrigo (Igor Jesus).
Technician: Giorgino

Matthew Caviccioli; Louise Felipe (Titus), Cleber Reis, Caetano and Gustavo Salomio; Tiaguyino, Matthews Ususa and Mazingo (Wellington); Elvis, Roberto (Matthew Oliveira) and Fabio.
Technician: Renan Fritas

Location: Quito Pereira
Judge: Andrew Da Silva e Silva (PA)
Assistants: Marcio Gleason Korea Diaz (PA) and Barbara Roberta da Costa Loyola (PA)
Goal: William Matthew, 14th from 1st
Yellow Cards: Robson, Rafina (KOR); Cleber Reyes (OES)
Income: R $ 394,860.90
Pay audience: 21,476
Total audience: 22.349

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