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Compare them with Adamantina marca posicião contra a Lei do Abuso de Autoridade | Cidades

We have them completed at 9h quinta-feira (22) no Adamantina Forum, juices, promoters of the civil and police militia justifying the abolition of the Project Lei 7.596 / 17, to define the crimes of abusive authorization at Câmara dos Deputados no diltimo dia 14 agosto, which was remedied by President Jair Bolsonaro par sanção.

Not a total of 37 articles that are considered to be abusive of the author, as they are a final specification of the alchemist or beneficiary as a teacher or recipient, we cometidos them by servers and membranes in the Minerals directory. Público, dos tribunais et conselhos de contas e das Forces Armadas.

This project is designed to be considered as an authoritative tool to help you find solutions; executed the bus order and screenshots of furniture, furniture, fixtures or fixtures, before expanding or investigating a drink; impedir encontro reservado entre um preso e seu advogado; is a conduit of test coincidence or investigation of the intimacy of comparative judgment of juices.

There are no questions about how to make a tram project to Cambodia's Deputados. The project is a special form of commerce that does not require passage, as a result of the urgency of the proposal, as well as the plenary session of the Cambodian Parliament, as well as the debate on democracy and the need for apostasy.

A mobilizaç no realizada nesta manhã em Adamantina reproduz o também repercute em todo o Brasil. As authorized, they are only promoted, which are projected to be released in the United States as a form of system of justification and degradation, but criminal prosecutions by magistrates, promoters, police and police are no exercise. típicas, a presidential veto or veto.

Those público no Fórum de Adamantina marcou special local contra a do abuso de autoridades (Imagem: Siga Mais).

Riscos ao system de justica

A mobilização realizada em Adamantina reuniu juízes, promoters de justices, delegates from the Civil Police and the civil police of the militia. Abrasives or other items, no Tribunal for Jiri, or juvenile Carlos Gustavo Urquiza Scarazzato, entitled 2ª Vara da Comarca de Adamantina, in order to elaborate on the motives and motives of the conjunto das autoridades locais. “Free of charge authorization is strictly the subject of the dispute. Afinal, como diferenciar o abuso do exercício? E mais do que isso, de que autoridade falamos? ”, Iniciou.

Scarazzato consider the risks involved in the eventual adoption of the project in the Cambodian Parliament, as well as in the presidential sanctuary. "Infiltration of bandwidth is not easy to transmit, deform and terminate, but the cruel tyrants of the world, as the authoritarians of the dioceses assert and compromise the socio-economic order of the just, the fraternity and the solidarity. É contra essa iniciativa que nos mobilizamos hoje, chamando a atenção de todos ao risco que todos corremos ”, disse. “Longe de punir excessos, a legally approved program that transforms itself into money. O risco é imenso ”, continua.

Carlos Scarazzato: “Longe de punir excessos, a legally approved program that transforms itself into money. O risco é imenso ”(Image: Siga Mais).

O juiz destaca a condiment de liberdade à atachão das carreiras do justica system is imprescindível in democracy. “The exercise of authoritarianism, the caricature of the United States, is fundamental to democracy. E com o apoio irrestrito dessas carreiras, convidamos a população destdoária de todo nossos esforço e titled de todo poder soberano a se juntar a nos ”, finalizou.

A final salute to you, Carlos Scarazzato, is a charity donated by 18 institutes that represent and teach classes in the form of car rental and formatting systems and segurança pública (íntegra abaixo).

We have a guide by Ruth Duarte Menegatti, titled 3ª Vara da Comarca de Adamantina and directory of local forums to qualify for specialized vincular essa mobilisç do das autoridades à privata manígios. “O nosso silencio traz prejuízo para toda a sociedade e aos direitos. É por isso que estamos aqui. There is also the aggressive grandiose auctioneers and non-privately owned buscam. O queremos, somente, é trabalhar dentro da lei ”, affirm.

Ruth Duarte: "What Exists Is an Attempt Is a Justified Accreditation and Amortization" (Image: Siga Mais).

A manual destined to exist, regulating and regulating the work of the juicer, the promoter, the promoter, and the carriers. “Whoever Exists a Temptation Is Just a Fickle Acorrentada and Amordacada”, completes a Magistrate. (Continua apos a publicidade …)

Carta aberta

À social and aos cidadãos,

Neither the associate of the Magistrate of the Ministry of Public Order, nor the associate of the Delegados of the Federal and Civil Police, nor of the Fiscais National Audit Office, the State of São Paulo's State of the Ammunition, any of the systems responsible for this matter. a copy of ALERTAR A SOCIEDADE BRASILEIRA is available online at REPÚDIO a Projeto de Lei on 7.596 / 2017, enclosed in the Presidential sanction.

An appeal will make no plenary of Cambodia, but a vote of confidence and an urgent need, set up to clarify the appeal in a democratic debate, as well as a legal dialogue with a legal community de legislação, como os tipos penais vagos e ambíguos.

Apoiamos todas as inciativas proportionate to the aprioramento of a modernização da legislação, desde que assegurem os direitos humanos e fundamentais. This information is on a loan from Projeto de Lei on 7.596 / 2017, equivocadamente intitulado “Abuso de Autoridade”.

Um, here's the project, Lei's 7.596 / 2017 caminará to prevent you from being sent to a crime scene, as opposed to escorting you to the brasileiro nas.

Critically, however, in environments full of money, persecutions, desigualdades, insecurities and impulses to criminalize them without interest or inducement to engage them in the carriers of the United States, which may be fiscalized, investigated, or prosecuted.

But via transversal, favors or interests of the corrupt, the organizing of criminos and the delinquent outer.

A brush is provided with combustion devices with an abutment of power and a precision suture to the efficiency of the toggling regulator or to allow for excessive excessive agents. O mais, it is a manifestation of the manifesto by means of a recursion, which is amplified to the extent possible.

Testimonials, no matter the tempo, significantly result in no corrupting of any of the colarino branco crimes but to Brasil's todo, this is the moldaram of esperança in a very melhor.

Prior to the continuation of the advance, the agents of the Justica system and the segregation of precision are guaranteed to have the capacity to amplify respaldo in the United States and the United States.

Portanto, we are referring to the judiciary and democracy, reforming or vetoing PL 7596/17 by República President Jair Bolsonaro.

São Paulo, 22 August 2019 AMB

(Associação dos Magistrados Brasileiros)

Apamagis (Associação Paulista de Magistrados)

Ajufe (Associação dos Juízes Federais do Brasil)

Ajufesp (Associação de Juízes Federais de São Paulo e Mato Grosso do Sul)

Anamatra (Associação Nacional dos Magistrados da Justica do Trabalho)

Amatra-2 (Associação dos Magistrados de Justica do Trabalho da 2ª Região)

Amatra XV (Associação dos Magistrados de Justica do Trabalho da 15ª Região)

Conamp (Associaç doso Nacional dos Membros do Ministério Público)

ANPR (National Association of Procuradores of the Republic)

ANPT (National Association of Procuradores do Trabalho)

ANMPM (National Associaç doo do Ministério Público Militar)

APMP (Associação Paulista do Ministério Público)

ADPF (National Association of Federal Police Delegates)

SINDPF-SP (State of the Federal Police of the State of São Paulo)

ADPESP (Association of Sego Paulo State Police)

SINDPESP (Sico Paulo State Police Delegates)

Unafisco Nacional (National Association of Auditors of the Federal Reserve of Brazil) AFRESP (Associaç Rendo of Agentes Fiscais of Rendas do São Paulo)

SINDAF-SP (Sindicato dos Auditores-Fiscais Tributários do Municipio de São Paulo)

Those público no Fórum de Adamantina marcou special local contra a do abuso de autoridades (Imagem: Siga Mais).


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