Friday , October 22 2021

Ciro Gomes falls into the fake news and says that Paulo Guedes "wants to privatize the curious"


Former Governor Cear confuses Twitter on "Awaria S. Paulo" with profile "Folha de S. Paulo" (Photo: Reproduction)

Third place in the presidential race, Ciro Gomes (PDT) came up false messages On Friday evening 9. Former Governor Ceará said during an interview with Globo News journalist Roberto D & # 39; Avila that the future Economy Minister, Paulo Guedes, "wants to privatize the curious," regarding the alleged plans of the government of Jair Bolsonaro (PSL). Cyrus's speech, however, was a mistake: Guedes' statement did not exist.

A post that cheated Ciro:

Pedestrians relied on the Twitter profile, which is called the "Failure of St. Paul", a satire with Folha de S. Paulo. "Failure" published on Monday, 5 that a future minister would be rude in response to an alleged question from a journalist.

Tonight, by giving a critical response to President Elect Bolsonaro, Ciro firmly attacked Guedes. "Can I say something eschatological here?" He asked the presenter who agreed. "One journalist asked him (Paulo Guedes), which companies were a priority for privatization, then he said that" these are those developed in the curious butt, "he said bitterly.

S. Paulo's failure made the publication play with the former candidate. "These people forget to look at the sources …", he wrote on Twitter.

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