Thursday , November 26 2020

Child model found, admits escape and denies abduction on shore of SP | Santos and Region

Child model Emily Diaz, 14, was found by Civil Police and admitted to fleeing, denying her parents’ version that she was abducted in Ethanheim, off the coast of Sao Paulo. According to G1 this week (22), the teenager was referred to the Municipal Council for Guardianship. The girl’s parents filed a police report alleging she was abducted in the early hours of Saturday morning (21).

According to police officer Evelyn Gonzalez Gallardi, reported in the report, the Police General Investigation Department (DIG) located the missing teenager, and the model informed authorities that she had run away from home, denying the parents’ version, claiming the young woman had been abducted by

When it was located, the child model was sent to the Municipal Guardianship Council, as the delegate explained. Now, the conditions in which the girl lived in the dormitory will be examined to understand what may have motivated the escape.

“It is not a kidnapping, it was a disappearance, she ran away from home and was handed over to the Guardianship Council until the cases are cleared up,” the delegate repeated.

Emily’s case received repercussions on social media after family members posted photos of her asking for help to find out where the girl was. The teenager’s mother, Diane Diaz, told Civil Police that she and her husband saw a car coming out of the street on Saturday, and that the door handle was broken.

The family lives in the Ardardim neighborhood of California, near the beach. The parents reported to the police that they were awakened in the early hours of the disappearance due to the barking of the dog. According to the report, they got up and went to the room of the two daughters, when the father discovered that the teenager was not there. According to the police report, the kitchen door was open and the handle was on the floor.

The mother even claimed to the police that she heard her daughter screaming for help. They told authorities they had a good relationship with the young woman and had not received any information about her daughter’s whereabouts. “We are desperate, we do nothing more than look for Emily, we do not know what is behind it. “We are desperate,” said the mother.

The case was registered as a kidnapping and a private prison, this Saturday morning (21), by the Ethanheim Section Police.

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